Guild "Mortal Soul" organize to abusing aoe exploit to take down brightwood in Tuonela server

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  • What server/world did you experience your issue on: Tuonela
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For today’s war, Guild “Mortal Soul” using war bug exploit by organize casting tons of aoe once to trigger the bug to fast control the points and win the war. It’s super unfair, because we can’t deal any damage to any of our enemy. Please punishment need to send to them. Otherwise the entire gamming experience for this entire war is so freaking bad. No one should allowed to use this method to take benefit from others. I believe you guys should take a look and actually do something against it. I know you guys will fix the exploit after today’s patch, but still it’s super unfair to take the territory by abusing the aoe bug. Such a loser move. We could organize for abusing aoe bug to win city too, but we think it’s a loser move so we didn’t. Please don’t make us regret to being a “normal player”.

Best regard.

  • Is this a bug or an exploit: Exploit

  • (if a bug) How did the issue effect your gameplay:
    Win the war & take city by abusing aoe bug,

  • (if a bug) Were you able to recover from the issue:
    It’s famous exploit, everyone knows about it.

  • (if a bug) Please include a screenshot or video of the issue that you have experienced:
    Sry I didn’t record the video, but there were 50 players in our side, we all deal mostly 0 damage to our enemy lol Also that’s not even my guild’s city. I report it because the feeling sucks.

Congratulations, you’re officially the sorest loser I have ever run across. No one used an exploit to beat you. Yes there were lots of AOEs because its a war and thats how you deal the most damage. This might come as a shock to you but that is one of the primary goals in a war… to deal as much damage to your enemy as possible so you can control the objective. The fact that your one and only explanation of why you lost is “the other team is clearly cheating” shows just how bad you are at accepting that someone beat you. Get over it, take the territory back, if its patched now and no one can use it and you would have won without this “exploit” then you should have no problem winning the war with it removed from the game.

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People like you are the real problem here not the bug.

Everyone knows that too much AOE causes bugs and the enemy cant do any damage to you or see anyone running.

And because of this its normal human thinking that in war no one or only a small number of players should use AOE untill its fixed. Everything else is criminal energy, is only done to win easy, to troll the enemy team and kill their experience.

There is no “i diddnt know this”, its everywhere everyone know this bug. And just because you ignore it or you dont inform yourself about it, it doesnt protect you for punishment.

“oh i diddnt know that a bankrob is against the law, please dont put me in jail”

@Timtomato best thing you and your company or fraktion can do is to mass report the leader of the company that done this and send a video the the exploiting in the report. After some reports the player gets a ban from system and after that a human will check it.

So what’s your solution? Tell people “hey guys apply damage but not too much damage” its not anyone’s fault other than the devs that this game is buggy as fuck. If you don’t like how the game works as is and want to punish people for just trying to play go do something else until the game is fixed to the point where there aren’t any exploits in your eyes and you can play without trying to blame other people for losing. its not normal thinking to limit your damage output in war, that is literally the opposite of what you’re trying to accomplish in a fight. Wars are chaos of 50v50, even companies with good holds on their guys cant micro 50 people to not use AOEs and just trying to exclude them rather than just getting them to fix the game is foolish. It is like how everyone knows ice gauntlet/fire staff gauntlet is broken as fuck, they hit like trucks, move fast as hell and slow their enemies down to a crawl. I lose to these guys all the time in duels and pvp crap but i don’t go crying to the support staff to report these guys for exploits, I play the game and get over the fact theyr’e playing the current meta. I have had lag and freezes in half the wars I have been in, both lost and won this whole “I lost so the enemy has to be cheating” mindset has to go, It is pathetic and with how you’re trying to ban people over you being a sore loser is literally punishing people for succeeding.

lol this is no meta, this is just bug abuse. xD

And i’m not blaming others because i loose, i’m blaming because i loose because of unfair abuse of game mechanics that dont work as the devs want them to work.

Wait for our siege video guys, we won fair and square.

Wow this response is pathetic, you do realize that everyone contributes to this game breaking bug right? And then encouraged someone to falsely mass report a player? Should be banned yourself for abusing the report system. Sore losers make me sick

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It’s about companies that knowingly run around with a lot of IceGountlets just to trigger the bug. Are you telling me that it’s meta to intentionally lag everything with a bug?!

Its bug abuse and therefore a reason to report. Nothing more to say.

its meta to use the best damage dealing setup you can run thats what makes it the most effective, is that difficult to understand? enemy has 15 guys on point you drop AOEs that can hit ten of them how is that abuse of mechanics? whats your threshold for abuse? one guy per army? 5? all youre doing is whining that people arent using this magical vague threshold of not abusing the game, unless your want to argue no one should use those weapons in which case may I kindly invite you to kick rocks?

And when this would do 3 times more damage, is it do difficult to understand that when you know something in a game is so broken that it kills the experience of all other players then you dont fucking send 50 of 50 people with gauntlet in war. lol its only about the war and its not that hard to manage that not everyone of the 50 people use AOE mechanics.

And it is also possible like on our server so speak with each other an make an agreement with the other companies to have a maximum number of gauntlets so that its really pvp and war an not only laggs. :slight_smile:

Putting an entire guild on blast never looks good…especially on a public forum.
Even worse so, you did that without any video evidence…

Youre talking about an unenforceable agreement between two groups trying to take territory from each other. It only kills the experience for those that want everything in every game to be perfect in their own eyes, and no one ever sent 50 ice gauntlets into into the war, healers didnt have them tanks sure as hell didnt have them, melee dps didnt have them. Youre right that its not hard for all 50 to not be using it but no one has even come class to putting even 25 ice gauntlets in their armies. You want to claim the defenders got screwed by in game issues go right on ahead, didnt hear you bitching when the server crapped out on the bayou brats when they attacked green. Some of them wanted to cry ddos but that got shut down quick because that is throwing accusations with no evidence which is some subjective BS no one wants to deal with because no one can prove anything.

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To give some perspective:

I am part of marauders (green) on Tuonela although wasn’t part of the war.

Luckily though mortal soul streamed the whole event. I watched their stream and didn’t see any exploits being used. They were simply superior and had great callouts throughout the fight.

If they did somehow go invincible while on top of flag because of aoe lag you cannot blame that on them. The only one to blame here is AGS and their Devs & servers for not being able to handle 50v50 content.

Until that is resolved they can just as easily lose, all of the “exploits” they are using can be used against them at any moment. Because of this you can’t even call it exploiting. Exploiting is an unfair advantage. Everyone knows about these “exploits” so there is no unfair advantage.

Tbh it’s sad that there isn’t any honor with ppl nowadays. I’m pretty sure I was the only one that commented with GG after purple won while the rest of green was shoutin hax/ cheats / report / ban.


you’ve given me hope that not everyone is a narrow minded crying child, im ready to be hurt again :slight_smile:

So last reply to this. Its sad but they did on our server. Every dd and tank had ice gauntlet as second weapon etc. :slight_smile:

You guys have a really wierd look and mind on this. The most people are thinking the same way because its the right way to not use a mechanic that is not working right.

For sure its the fault of the devs to not disable the skills or something like this but everyone does have the chance to decide to not use it for the benefit of all players in the war.

I dont blame exactly you to force the lag, but as a player of a guild that plays in wars with a little intelligent mind, you and every other guild has to be aware of that bug in my mind and maybe just have to try to minimize the AOEs if the enemy team does agree with it to bring more fun to the game.

Or does it bring you fun to fight an enemy that is not able to move or give / take damage the right way? Is it worth having a crappy game experience just to stay on the mind „we have to use aoe and ice gauntlet because we want to its not our fault! So fuck every other player mimimi“ thats the mind of a child and not the others.

There are servers where whole guilds left the game because guys like you used this lag shit and this makes me angry and as it seems there is no way to chance your mind! You are killing your server with this maybe oder maybe trigger that other people leave the game. Is your goal to play alone? :grin:

What a self righteous crying baby. For someone who didn’t even see proofs of any kind, you just avidly jumped into battle on this forum, as if you were there listening to shotcallers shouting ‘ICE GAUNTLET TIME BABE’. Do you just literally believe anything people say on the Internet?

This is the raid lead perspective
Unlimited公会带盟友攻城Brightwood,15分钟拿下,双语指挥视角 - YouTube

This is mage dps perspective
新世界Unlimited公会双语指挥带盟友攻城Brightwood-法师视角 15分钟攻下 Tuonela紫色阵营 - YouTube

Judge for yourself if we are intentionally abusing the lag. :slight_smile:

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