Guild name taken when its not

  • Character Name: Leon Wolfstiger
  • World/Server: Pulotu
  • Location where issue occurred: Guild name change
  • Any steps that can be taken to reproduce the issue
    Well, I noticed when you are using a Guild Name, let’s say Guild A, then you change the Guild name to Guild B and after that, you prefer the name Guild A and wants to return to that name, it says it is already taken, but it is not.

That said, this probably caused several names being flagged as taken even when no one are using them, and being unable for other people to use those names aleady free and having several problems to find a proper name for their guilds.

Taken names after a change, should have just a cooldown of for example 1 hour, and if a Guild is not using it, just remove/free that name for another one to be used.

Same issue when transferring servers this past weekend. We tried changing the name on our old server and re-creating it on our new server, and it says the name is in use. Waited minutes and even hours later, and it’s still in use. Today it says the name is still in use. I’m guessing once a name is used once, it’s forever “burnt” and can never be used again.

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