Guilds making too much gold on taxes, Corrupt Guild Leaders, and a proposed solution?

That would only work if territories flipped often. With them wanting for some reason 80%+ defense win rate.

If purple owns WW and yellow owns weavers I’ll do my crafting at weavers. Since towns only flip in situations where the defenders actually lost with an advantage there’s no way or reason to entice anyone to be in your town other than for location.

Arguably owning MD is a waste of time and owning restless is a waste. People don’t just hangout there without a reason.

Every game has hangout spots and the players decided it’s EF/WW. In WoW players gravitated to dalaran for example because of faction vendors and portals to every town ect. There was not just one meaningless reason to be in dalaran but multiple good reasons to be there.

Yes, and the devs could even consider capping the amount of tax allowed to collect, and increasing the gold rewards from wars. As @Deadmarsh mentioned, gold sinks are important to maintain a healthy game economy.

AGS plans to let it destroy the game, that solves the problem. :+1:

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Why even have the system if you’re going to delete millions of coin. Where is that being generated from?

As it stands coin changes hands and if you start deleting mass amounts what Is that going to do besides make prices of things rise?

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It could be generated elsewhere, and other amounts could end up staying in users inventories for things they want to buy. But yes it could be regenerated elsewhere, regardless another solid gold sink would help things not hurt them, the outrageous prices of most high priced items right now like orichalcum atm come more from the limited supply of nodes and high demand for crafting.
It’ll also help promote more server balance and limit win-trading and limit gold selling.

Isn’t part of the problem AGS?
They lowered taxes for homeowners but let Settlements collect the full amount. So over that “special promotion” period most Settlements jacked up house taxes to maximum to take advantage of this funny money that by rights shouldn’t exist.

If you look back a few months on the forums, it was actually hard for big Settlements to sustain upkeep and on busy servers only a few high-traffic Settlements could do it. And it all breaks down when your server population was too low.
And players were complaining about house taxes and other money issues saying most of it was a front-end load from questing but afterwards the coin dried up.

But then Outpost Rush came out and players flocked to it for coin. AFK-ing for coin even. And of course Outpost Rush botting and RMT followed shortly.

The economy was screwed up to begin with. It was not sustainable without Outpost Rush, but became too exploitable with Outpost Rush. Pile on AGS letting people exploit what was supposed to just be compensation-for-our-screwups-affecting-homeowners. And then RMT coin farm schemes.
Now we have RMT sitting on Settlements and still selling players coin.

All player influence over Settlements should be removed entirely.


Change all town income to silver and only towns can be managed and upgraded with silver.

The perks for town ownership could be like discussed.
Maybe a few k each week directly to the player or free rent or no taxes on anything.

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They need to give everyone more ways to make gold, and as for company/settlement ownership stuff, add a settlement treasury that cant be used for anything aside from working on settlement. Give a flat % of tax to the players of the companies that own the settlement like you said so youre still rewarded for owning the settlement, and any excess is stored in the settlement treasury. Then add things in settlements that, that excess gold can be used for. IE special events such as a special boss that unlocks at a certain gold everyone can go fight, resources respawn faster, More buffs for the town at one time, etc. Change the system, an be creative while doing it


If your actually in a guild that owns a major city and have a guaranteed slot in defending the city, but not getting any money then I would say you and your guilds mates only have yourselves to blame for this problem.

Your literally ensuring their hold on the city and get no rewards. If you all just coordinated you could start your own company that shared the gold.

You could even coordinate and intentionally throw a war to ensure that guild looses control and change faction to join the guild you ensured victory for. This way you don’t even have to deal with home team advantages.

While I won’t argue major cities make an excessive amount of gold and there could be a better system to spread the wealth to other towns

the concept that your complaining about your own corrupt guild is really your own fault for supporting them.

3 mil per week to a multi gaming company with 300+ members.
To this point they have 50 BiS war team and 100 almost BiS. These guys are unkillable. They have a monopoly on everything at the moment.
I would say most of the server is at least 3 months behind these guys.

Make influence push something where u dont just run back and forth for missions for hours.
Make war harder to defend and easier to take
Make Gold from territory that can be used for personal benefit 50k capped. The rest needs to be spent on upgrades.

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Wouldn’t these types of companies pay for this with a lack of coordination and cooperation while defending the cities giving them all this coin in the first place? Enables dodgy behaviour but punishes it also, sort of thing?


i didn’t say they would cut everyone. But if they are a 100 man company it’s not inconceivable that they may cull 20 or 30 players. They could axe players without touching their core players for war easily.

Yep, no, well reasoned actually. Could easily keep a base team of defenders while wiping out every other member each pay rotation. Cheers

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Guilds already do this with twitch prime subs,
but you’d never hear about it because nobody talks about it.

With the way AGS manages this game, at least they can save money on servers in a short time :slight_smile:

If they dont make a system for that in a short term the game is done if u really think about it these guys have gold for 15 updates with new gear all of them! the thing is that they never had GM’s or someone who reports to them actually playing the game or actually owning a server facking up the economy and keeping only 1-2 Companies first lead with unlimited supplies of gold and materials. Moreover the market can be definied by a company and can rule the materials in it. Its a dead end honestly the only way i see this pulling off is with a complete wipe ! Sadly i read a lot of forum… numerous players everyday report bugs which affect all the aspects of the game tho nobody is doing anything… It should be arranged ASAP ive heard on my server Companies with 5-7 millions Stashes after they geared all of their cores. Their should be able to have influence over the economy but not define it for months to come… :frowning:

Yep, this will only normalize once people who have everything and plenty get bored by the game and their company dismantles.

Then it takes a few weeks for a new company to take over and the circly continues, just with lower player bases every time, resulting in a digital version of “trip to jerusalem” where everytime the music stops, a guild or a few players leave and servers get merged…

Good points. It also used to be more difficult because the invasions were more difficult (the strategies were new, players werent as geared, and the invasion nerf hadn’t gone into effect yet). Invasions are wicked easy now, and most guilds don’t have to pay nearly as much upkeep costs as they once did.

In all normal top guilds, money is already distributed as wages

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