Gylph stone drop rates need to be adjusted

soon people will realize some gylph stone are super hard to get.

sun is better than night, as sun has 4 chests to loot, while night has only 1 chest to loot.

only 4 gylph stones (chaos, strength, dystruction, and Above) in elite area are relative easy to get as there are more chest, and ppl go there to do chest run so will kill mobs and get stone from drops as well.

Other gylph stones either has low chest # to loot, or none elite area that not many ppl will go to farm, also mob has low drop rate.
example, sun, light, has low # of chest and only 1 boss to drop and spawn only once a day circle.
food, mountain has low # of chest and none elite that none gona go there.
you get the idea.
gylph stone are super uneven distributed and should be adjusted.
Otherwise, most runegrass will be almost irreleavnt due to difficulty to get.

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