Gymsum casts don’t give umbral shards

used 14 gymsum casts and didn’t receive a single umbral shard. Just another issue to stack on top of the issues this game has as usual.

Are you 600 expertise for the casts you used?

You receive them on casts where you have 600 expertise. It worked for me.


Yeah they work fine once you are at 600, not the best way to go about farming them I suppose but you will get some.

I think it’s like 7-9 or so per cast?

I got 3, is it supposed to be 7-9?

It scales up to 200 once you are 625.

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Oh that is actually very nice, didn’t know that ty!

Thank you. I will probably end up quitting anyways because of how slow the expertise leveling is. Pvp is the only thing I enjoy. Expertise being increased just takes a lot of fun out of the game I’m a semi new player and just recently gotten 590 expertise and now it’s already raised to 625. Then when I get 625 it’ll raise again and so on. Imagine how new players will feel when they need to grind hundreds and hundreds of hours to catch up. Imagine it gets to 800 eventually and a player who just hit level 60 has to grind from 500 to 800 expertise with how slow this system is. It just does not make sense at all to increase expertise level. Should’ve just been kept at 590.


It’s not slow now.

Jeez we’re getting like +10 bumps per run in gen/laz at the moment

I’ve done several and I’m lucky if I get 3 bumps in laz. Not to mention I get several bumps that only bring my score up on the item 1-2 and never 3-5.

Since this morning?
Everything that I didn’t already 600 with Casts have been going up 6-8 Expertise a run. Hatchet alone went from 590 to 600 in 1 Gen run.

Assuming it would be no different if you are not close to capping Expertise

100% correct, unfortunately.

These kinds of systems slowly kill any MMO. MMOs need new players and this will keep them to a trickle.

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Dumbest game mechanics I have ever seen…

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