Gypsum and Umbral in Wars

Maybe the developers don’t think so, but the Territory Wars are also part of an important New World content, including a large part of the PVP players are here or were invited by the advertisements involving the wars.

So why are wars unrewarding? The money I received at the end of the war at launch was very rewarding but for the current economy it becomes a handout.

But, my question is, since the gypsum is already in the outpost and now it will be adding threshold chips, why doesn’t the war content offer such features? I know that participating in such content depends on joining companies and not all players participate or are interested in participating but it is only fair that players who dedicate themselves to this can receive grateful rewards. (Might as well get the ruby ​​gypsum and a generous amount of threshold for the winner and a fair amount for the loser, as well as the gypsum.)

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I think, like you mentioned, wars are so exclusive that they cannot offer amazing rewards. Is a single gypsum too much? Probably not.

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