Gypsum Casts before January update

Because Gypsum Casts will be a means to upgrade expertise to 600 in the next update, will casts acquired prior to the update still work to get bumps beyond 590 once the update is released. I have everything maxed now and wanted to start collecting casts so that when the update releases, I can just use the saved casts for a quick bump in everything. Don’t see a way to test it so an official answer would be nice. It’s easy to expect that they should still work after release but you never know since most things any crates you acquire the loot is pretty much predetermined at the time you acquired them and not at the time you opened them.

I was asking myself the same question.

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Would like to know this as well…

Time to stock up on gypsum casts!

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@Shadow_Fox @Luxendra

If it’s not to much trouble, just curious if you could pass this on for verification since there’s no way to test on PTR. Thank you!

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