Gypsum coming to a cash shop near you

Another last ditched effort to squeeze more cash from the game that they know they cannot fix

Azoth was going to be their key cash shop currency but since they made it so widely obtainable to nerf it with its introduction to being in the cash shop would have been met with outcry so they put their heads together to make the new currency one that can be obtained in game with a bit more grind than Azoth but restricted to x amount per day to make it seem selling it won’t be P2W (This can be obtained with out paying)

See through the BS people… They can’t fix a game that was never built to be what it has become… They know it, if your honest with your self you know it. The thought of throwing away 500+ hours adds rose tinted opinions of the game…

This patch will go live Early 2022 to go with the Quote from there Cash Shop Blog “We won’t consider selling anything other than cosmetic items until 2022 at the earliest.”

The game as it is, is not sustainable. Too many casuals have left. There is no system that in place that will pay for the salaries of the developers.

Now with Play To Win, Casuals can buy boosters and maybe if they are lucky compete on a level playing field.

Where did they state that Gypsum is coming to cash shop? I can’t find the post.

Its not. But how are you going to pay for the salaries of many developers?

No developers, means the end of NW.

Open your eyes and see through the BS, its coming to the cash shop whether they announce it or not

Oh Gypsum cast cost gold… They didn’t mention it on the Notes?? No wait im shocked…

Gypsum… Created for the cash shop, called it right from the start

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