Gypsum drop cooldowns

Probably mentioned 1000 times already, but here it goes again:
a) remove current cooldowns and make gypsum drop limit reset at midnight, or any other set hour
b) show the actual countdown for each gypsum cooldown

Right now, for a) lets say i come home late, i want to get my daily gypsums. It’s 23:00, pretty late.
I get all of them, but next day i can’t play in the evening… causing me to lose my daily gypsums for that day.

Or for b) i don’t have much time, i want to get my emerald gypsum, so day before i prepared my harvesting so it needs just a tiny little bit of xp to granty me my aptitude rewared! great thinking, right? But then nothing… it appears i was 5 minute too early, gypsum limit did not reset.

Current limit reset timer is just wrong.

Oh, and the juiper berry bags… their drop CD should be linked to diamond gypsum CD… i dropped 3 bags, opened them 2h later. next day i opened them right after getting them, and… no gypsums inside.

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