Gypsum event for returning players

For the players coming back for pvp arenas i think now is the time to have an event that gives

Double gypsum
Diamond 3 → 6 etc for each gypsum (giving double the amount currently needed for a casted orb)
Fire Staff 1 → 2 etc for each cast

Start this now and have it run through the first week of the may patch if not little longer.

People just coming back will have alot of catching up to do and they might just not want to, an event like this might make the task less daunting.


I agree more catch-up mechanics for players the better


They need to add catch up atleast before a big patch like this


Jesus just go spam genesis. 500-600 in under a week.


no catch up, play the game the fair way, the same as all other players


yea I would love to see people up at end game levels.


With the amount of players lost i can almost say that if they dont add some catch-up people just wont bother. Especially if all they want to do are pvp arenas. Its not like this is a permanent change its just a limited time event similar to how they had the double xp event.


i mean im on my 10th set of ward gear 625 but I don’t wish the people to have to spend the same time I did.

But…but…if people catch up then gear won’t matter. This is an MMO. We only do it like that as it’s an MMO.

Make leveling 1 to 50 a week of work

no you should of never quit…
quitters dont get rewards…
i dont agree

I would be ok with giving 1-5k Umbral Shards for each expertise 600, not more and not less, to everybody who has been offline for more than 1 month and is returning in game.

Unfortunate for New World this is the hill that a lot of the current geared players want the game to die on. They don’t care about competing with others. Actually, many of these people just want to pub stomp the living hell out of anything they cross. They want unfair in their favor fights. They want fodder, not competition.

Just look on other threads of these forums. How the geared player base of this game only form of fun. Is to actively destroy servers who can’t compete with them. It’s sad, but that’s what you got left. So, I see any form of catch-up mechanic being met with heavy resistant.

Which puts the game in to a place where it just can’t grow. Because the barrier to do anything. Is simply too high in this game. Compared to other MMOs on the market. Meaning what you see for player count. Is pretty much what you are going to get with this game.


i dont want the game to die. i enjoy NW everything is going good they are fixing bugs. this game has so much potential…

but what i dont like is
lazy, whiny, crying quiters to get where i stand, just because they want to come back because game works better now.
we played this game with bugs or not we didnt quit… and worked for our gear…
why should they have easy way up to where we loyal players are ? thats not fair.

Lol, lets talk about all the advantages that the established geared players got to take advantage off.

Easier expertise gains, crafting leveling, and multiple dupes and war exploits. You guys who rush through the game at the start. When everything was 10 times easier have the audacity talk about not fair. :rofl:

This is why your game have a pittance of you people left playing. Because most don’t care about you people’s opinions. Imagine needed a huge PvE gear advantage to be good at a game’s PvP. Damn that’s pitiful.


Like everyone too much time to play this too much grinding game everyday non stop… A dungeon needs at least 30 minutes. It is quite hard to find gearless players to do normal dungeons already… Because for some reasons, %99 of the players are 625 gear score LOL and thy do only M10 mutator dungeons and no help to anyone who try to gear up, even if you are in the same guild company to ask help… When you do these dungeons with gearless people, it takes lots of time and you die a lot… and the amount of the new players and the returning players are very less… Just look at the EU population, %80 of the servers are under 1000 population always and most of them are under 400 population daily… 2-3 servers are like +1000 population and there is no single population 2000 players server in EU region too… New World is a dead game after +6 months… Half of these population is made of BOTS and ALT CHARCTERS too… Everyone is bored really, OPR rewards are useless for 40 minutes gameplay, and same for dungeons too you spend like 40 minutes for each dungeon… Do the same thing over and over again will make you to lose motivation to play to try to catch other players while these majority of 625 gear score players are gold buyers, item - gold duplicators, bug exploiters etc… Dungeon ORB prices were like 3k-4k-5k-6k-7k-8k-9k-10k before the patch for each single dungeon, and these people afford it nicely for everyday doing 2-3 dungeons daily lol (mainly because of gold buying) while normal legal players couldn’t…

Shortly, the GAP between legal and illegal players are huge now… and new or returning players cannot catch these old players now; because you cannot find people to do dungeons regularly in a daily basis to do for 2-3 months non stop to reach 625 gear score for every items…

AGS has made this game harder for the current players while old players made everything easier… Right now, this game is very grinding like an Asian mmorpg while it doesn’t give any end game content to do that you will get bored very easily after doing some elite chest runs, dungeons… Because there is nothing else to do. OPR , if you have better gear and if your team wins you will enjoy but you will lose OPR with random players always…


That isnt the attitude to have. This isnt a permanent change this is just something to help get people back into the game to the point where they dont feel so behind everyone else! Maybe they catch up and they start enjoying new world again and stay, all worlds could use more players.

From a business standpoint having more players would give them the potential to sell more store items which in turn would help the game in the long run.

There is no reason for them to not have catch-up mechanics to bring players back.

They should just give us shards when salvaging shit 600 gs items or items we dont need and get shards from them.

double exp weekend was a hit for everyone.

they should do stuff like that more often.

hell even double gypsum weekend with 2 gypsum orbs to casts would help out a hell of a lot

especially with a new weapon out or not.


I wouldnt mind that too if community thinks its helpful. But for me personally, I think we dont need that. All of us can do OPR or start with small Mutated until we grow enough for next Mutated level.