Gypsum event for returning players

It’s not a bad idea. Another round of Double XP alone would be welcome.

I would also be ok with a drastic move like bump up everyone’s expertise to 550 if it’s below that.

I am NOT OK with free umbrals. Umbrals is the very end of end game currently and players should be pushed to play the game to experience that.

One other thing I think players who are hoping for a big pop surge from this update should be prepared for is there are a significant amount of people out there that don’t like PvP impacted by gear and gear score. I like the feeling of earning that power but others see the time investment as a negative. It’s the dividing line of the genre and we should be ok with that.

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I doubt people will return for arenas. If they do they will leave right away once they find out there are no leaderboards making arenas pointless

Obviously they arent gonna have leaderboards right away. Wow doesnt start a pvp season the day a expansion launches.

Let em get arenas out and later ranked arenas will come

Honestly this game should cut the grind to be PvP viable by at least 75%. Maybe than PvPers might think about returning and sticking with the game. But for the meanwhile, too many inclusive equalized skill based PvP games and MMOs on the market. For many PvPers to want to settle here.

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So whats the point of these arenas then? Its just another gear check like opr.

If you look at the post i linked above your reply i wanted normalized pvp arenas or atleast pvp specific gear we grind currency for, like in wow.

Awesome Idea ! For me it’s necessary

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