Gypsum from casts

How much gypsum is collected from a individual cast after we hit the 600 watermark?

Like how many GS points per cast? Or are you asking about Shards?

If i open a cast when im 600 spear, will it roll up as usual to like 602?

You get Umbral shards when you are at expertise 600. At 600 you get I think 4 shards, which takes you to 602. The higher your expertise is, the more shards you get. At 625 you get 200.

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I see so many complaining about how hard mutations are or how hard they are for casual gamers to compete. Cant they just continue using the casts until 625? Arent they doing this already

No, the shards you get are not many enough. By far not. The hardest thing for many players is to get to 600 expertise. After that you get very good weapons and jewelry out of the normal Dungeons. Armor your can buy decent ones if you are not crafting yourself.

no Gypum are for 500 to 600 progression

600 to 625 are Umbral

U get gypsum from casts when used on a watermarked over 600

No, you get Umbral shards

No, you use gypsum to make orbs, orbs to make casts, and open casts for umbral shards + item when the expertise for that slot is 600+

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