Hades - EU | Tons of crashes/downtime, sadly with no explanation/comms

Playing in Hades lately is a pain, and we get no communications around it.

We have several server crashes and lag issues. I know there are many pressuring issues, but could we please get some comms around our Hades issues?

  • server is crashing every now and then
  • game client is crashing
  • chests are laggy/buggy, sometimes I have to retry at least 2-3 times in order to be able to open a chest/crate
  • we get maintenance windows but there’s no forum post - although sometimes we get a notification to visit the forum for more info - eh



Another crash for many players - while some are still/streaming!
[update: 1AM EET more players went down]

Login is down for hades/EU - it says it’s under maintenance

@Luxendra could we please get an update on Hades? :pray:


Yup, server status shows it’s online but literally can’t log in.

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2nd time its gone down for “maintenance” in the stretch of an hour.


Its down again, yet again no offical news as to whats going on?

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Yep was in outpost rush at around 50% completed owning all 3 flags, we instantly won, got kicked on entering Brightwood again.

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@Luxendra @Kay hello? why does it crash 3 times per hour?!?!?

Edit: everyone go visit Amazon Sign-In and ask them whats up, i cba having 3 crashes an hour for days on end.


We are investigating; just took the world down manually to get some data, and it should be back soon in better shape.


meanwhile you waitin, lets bring some funny education in here

Could you take a look at my post here?

Just want to confirm if it is the runs that cause this.

130 people at an elite farm sounds god-awful. Most of those people aren’t getting credit or drops from most of the kills… so people are mostly just doing chests? It’d be more productive for them to split to different elite areas.

Chests boost your watermark well. I said this in another post that I fully understand that folks don’t agree with what we do because the bosses don’t drop anything.
Which is true, Boss drops is pure shit when we are that many.

We started with 20 people, more joined, said it was fun, and after the runs got somewhat popular on Hades, new folks join, and folks think it’s fun to be in a massive group. Some do not enjoy, and I totally get that.

On the other hand, as said in the quote that I posted, we are stopping this if we are the cause of this. No doubt, if it is just server stability that is just bad at the moment, we’ll continue. So I really want a confirmation on this. So I am just crossing my fingers for @Kay or someone else to answer :smiley:


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