HAHAHA Active Population is Laughable

Who wants to bet the 29 players are all bots?

I really don’t know what this clown try to show, but at this time, numbers are really diferents…

May be is 4am for that images??


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I can tell you that you’re cherry picking early morning times. I play on calnogor and it’s closer to 1800 at peak times. Arguing in bad faith much?


Flagging me won’t change the fact that OP is clearly leveraging a slanderous argument on false pretenses. ;p

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Your chart does not indicate the same data as the op. You need to break it out by servers not server groups. At 4:47 on a Saturday there are servers with 34 people on them. The overall group though has over 1000. But the trading post nodes and groups they can play with are 34 people. That’s the problem.

The game have 484 servers for a daily peak of less than 120k so obviously a lot of servers will be dead but they will all be merged soon…

Is not my chart, is official chart and you can filter to see real numbers.

That chart is 3rd party and not an official chart. Do you know where that data comes from?

If you hate game move on. Generating fake data to convince others to move on is not cool.

This seems silly, why are those people not sleeping?!

It comes from New World server data API’s. It’s pretty accurate friend. Also, the game’s success both helped and hurt it. The majority of dead servers are ones they opened simply because people whined and cried about queues. NA EAST has enough players to support at least 10 full servers.

Anyway, it is not my chart as you claim. It’s the one usually used to see how the worlds go and I came across it on Reddit a few weeks ago.

I did not know it was not official, if you have the link to that, please share it.

It’s really bad. Can’t even keep high pop servers full. Can’t believe they waited this long for merges. I can only imagine if I wasn’t on a “high pop”. I would have quit a while ago. They need to make it so they have few full servers and only 1 max 2 that Isn’t “full” during peak.

Your image is showing world sets, each of which is a group of servers, and one of which has under 250 players in total at prime time on a Saturday. Not a good look.

Omicron - that was mine 789/14K, 16% :smiley:

Doesn’t say where it comes from on that web site. Do you know the owners of the site?

Again, it is not my image, I put a link so that people can see it for themselves.

And if it was a great look, there would be no merges planned, right?

At the beginning all the curious arrived and like any launch, it is refined little by little.

4th right now on Steam doesn’t look too bad:


Sad monkey on Bouniema on sat at 8:15pm… 232 players…where’s the server merges already?


There is no official world chart AFAIK

Tell it to the OP, who is seeing only the negative.

I guess the Steam graphic that everyone here uses to rant, doesn’t convince you either, does it?