Handling of Bots and Gold Sellers

Umm, no. The bot software reads character location directly from the client, not from that optional screen display, and you can’t not have the client know the location of the character or the game simply wouldn’t function.


We’re right there with ya! I feel like AGS got their $40 so they’re good. It’s almost time to move on to another game. And then the news will be, “Yeah New World was a total bomb, but their new $40 game is better! Buy it now it’s amaaaazing!”

I mean, that’s already happening to some extent is it not? You see people hyping up Lost Ark as if it’s also not going to be a tire fire. Granted, production is not handled by an in house amazon games studio, but it is being published by them.

Seeing the very poor response / non-response of devs to a number of critical issues being raised by the player base… how can anyone not be cynical at this point?

What bots? :face_with_monocle:

You’d also think that back when they were coming up with some initial game ideas and some dimwit said ‘let’s allow player guilds that own a town to charge taxes and also pocket that tax money personally’ someone would have looked at him and said sternly… YOU’RE FIRED!

Common sense and critical thinking aren’t the flavor of the century at this amateur hour studio.


They do. The mini map add on did the exact same thing.

Anyways, in any case, it’s pretty stupid to show the exact location like that… either directly on the screen or by some sort of accessible API.

First step in fighting the bots would be to remove that option, don’t you agree?

What I’m saying is that you can’t remove that information from the client without rendering the game unplayable, and, evidently, AGS can’t prevent the data from being read by third-party programs.

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I see where you’re going with this, but I think of many games that don’t show your coordinates and the bots know exactly what their map coordinates are. I think it’s just built in. If you inject yourself into the API, you are privy to a lot of behind the scenes info.

well, character creation is turned off, so i think there will be no more new bots until they reactivate it. idk why this game crashed for me sometimes with the anti-cheat screen after it, even i never used a bot or something like that. i think it should work on bots much better and especially with a perma ban.

and i dont get it, do these bots pay for each account 40$? i mean, thats fckin much money for placing 1 bot into the game, which gets banned quite soon…

in the other hand, 40h botting should make the money out of it, without the energy costs.

ags, i believe in you - make this game bot- free. just saw a bot running in brightwood as lvl 22… hours later, still farming there and hit lvl 23 xD and many of our server did report him. well, do your best ags!

Lost ark isnt published by AGS (Amazon Game Studio) but by Amazon Games, different entities…
AGS is part of Amazon Games but Amazon Games isnt a developping studio. Please do at least some research before talking about a subject you have no clue on.

Yeah and Lost Ark is nothing like NW… go play Albion with their pay to win model, and come back and let us know what you think.

Its just different.

Because you did not verify integrity of the files on Steam?

What Squid said - bots just connect to process and read the location directly from there - there would be no point other than a loss of feature.

Dealing with bots is a list of things and no easy fix.

prevent char creation (exponentially increasing char creation time after each created and cool down)
Limit on ip (same thing - increase time again and again)
Use the reported chat to create an ever growing/learning filter to auto ban
Put some people in different timezones 24/7 for a couple weeks to instaban them (more time lost than making = not interesting).

Ton of other things

Just keep reporting them - they will be gone.

how about if a bot is reported it gets its PVP flag set to on?
that would cause them a headache

We have about 200 bots on the Asgard server, possibly more, there are more and more of them every day, complaints do not help, what’s the matter why work is not being done to eliminate these bots, I’m tired of coming to any spot except orichalka and seeing 10 bots and more there, I don’t want to play anymore!!!

Poor foolish one. You think the conglomerate cares which subsidury is bringing in the $? They have already had your money for NW and have no continual income from the game, so every piece of effort they put in is at their cost. The only way they can make anymore money from NW is expansion packs and to do that they need to have a playerbase I would expect they are trying to retain. The lack of comms, the lack of effort against bots/gold sellers and general lack of care for the players suggests they are content that their money has been made and they can concentrate on their next cash cow. If you believe otherwise, or that the conglomerate shareholders think (or care) about your gaming experience now they have made their profit, then I suggest you also need to saddle up the unicorns waiting outside.

Every bot and gold seller account is $40. If they ban 50,000 bots a month. That’s $2 mil in revenue. Investors be happy.

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Yes I also think so, but they could send the coordinates encrypted.

RMT Settlement owners are an even bigger concern than bots. They are not just ruining the servers but passively making coin without even having to bot.

All player influence over Settlements should be deleted to fix this and many other issues.

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