Harassment in Xibalba

A few weeks ago I transferred to a server with a group of friends who either no longer play the game or transferred off of the server as soon as I transferred on. And the issue is I am stuck on this server with a lot of sexual harassment and toxicity and I can’t get out. My “friends” left me to join a new server & I don’t want to play with these people as they are constantly bullying and making fun of me.

I have reported people who do these things to me but nothing gets done. Sometimes they get a mute or 24 hr ban but they come back and carry on, so I think leaving that environment would be the best option.

I have created a new character in a new server but the issue is I am already level 60 on my main character and have made a lot of progress. This game has been my escape from my IRL problems so I am really hoping you guys can make a one-time exception. Dealing with all this isn’t helping my mental health and I already have ongoing issues like depression & anxiety


sorry you have to go through that man, im pretty sure that server you’re on is a us east server and i play on Loloi. If you ever get another transfer token the server im on is a lot more chill than the one your lvl 60 char is on it seems, keep your head up brother dont let those random guys get to you <3

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Hello @str

Im really sorry for the situation you have.

Make sure to always try to report as follows: Report a Player or Company - Support | Amazon Games

We are taking serious anything against our Code of Conduct. There is a team checking the reports for the game. Also, please remember you can always mute any player as well. Accessibility Options - Support | Amazon Games (check Speech Accessibility Settings).

You can also check if needed: [Dev Blog] Update on Current Issues #2 ( Region Transfers section)

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