Hardcore companies ruining the game for everyone else. Fix suggestion

In our server, there is a company where its players had played the hell out of betas/alphas, and had all of the knowledge about the game, thus were able to reach lvl 60 in 3-4 days and dominate the server completely with their superior knowledge.

Up until now I had no problem with it, if these players dedicated a lot of time to earn this advantage they totally deserve it. The problem for me starts when this company started to hold territories by using multiple secondary companies.

At the start, they had a few territories under the same company, other companies were able to compete by declaring war at the same time, and due to the siege window mechanics, we were able to get something out of them, and it was also fun trying to beat these monsters.

Now, said company went to capture the lost territories back, but this time using secondary companies to hold the territory to have different siege windows, and use the same top players to defend all territories.

This is where the PVP gets ruined for me, it’s no longer a faction vs faction, or companyversus company, if one company is superior and far ahead, it can do whatever it wants with the server, including running the game for the other 1800-1950 players.

Right now the best way to deal with those players is to not engage with them. When everyone else was at most lvl 45, they were already lvl 60 farming gear score. There’s no point in playing catch up, and the majority of players won’t play at that level.

I’ve tried to come up with a solution to this problem just to spark the discussion (if other players feel the same way)
One solution would be some sort of War Fatique mechanics to limit the players ability to participate in wars, by either removing their ability to sign up, or have some sort of stats debuff.

This would solve the problem of the same top players being able to dominate everything, while also opening more spots for different players to engage in war mechanics. Also, in the scenario where a company is too far ahead, they still have some interesting things to engage in, like which wars are worth to participating and how to split their forces.

The problem with this Idea is that it limits access to one of the most interesting content of the game, but right now I’d argue only a small minority of players are able to enjoy it.

Overall I’m loving this game, I had a lot of fun with pvp and wars, but right now I’m seeing this fun coming to an end. We are currently at the mercy of this company and they seem to have slowed down to let everyone else play a little.

This is how I feel about the game right now. Do you agree with these points? Are you experiencing the same thing? Is there any other solution to this problem? Should we just git good?


Literally 80% of players will never get to sieges, and not because they are low-level or do not know how to play, but because the mechanics of sieges are ill-conceived and allow only a limited group of people to take part in them.
This, like many other problems in the game - infant diseases of a young MMO developed by an inexperienced team.


Regarding your proposal, I 100% support the timer of the ban on repeated participation in sieges in a short time.


Groups who set out to dominate the server and turn the map all one color are short-sighted because it will kill PvP.

Fortunately, the forts can still be turned by a handful of players in open world PvP, and some of those global fort buffs are very valuable.

This is the real issue right here. And it is going to become very evident.

In my server faction, for you to even have a remote chance of participating in a war you have to join the faction server, participate in multiple weekly meetings, interviews on why you want to participate, what weapons you use, how would you contribute… Excuse me, but I already do way too much of all of that in my job. I dont need another job.

I can totally understand why the top companies are doing that, they are just trying to absolutely maximize their success chance. It is the devs job to ensure everyone gets a chance to play.

And I love the solution proposed here.


You’d be surprised how boring and unintuitive wars are past a certain point of the game so I am in agreement with you all for any change to make them fun and inclusive for everyone. War scrimmages would be fun also for teaching and explaining.

Ty for the replies. The situation just got worse on our server, the same group of people now span across 4 companies. At least there’s other endgame content to keep me engaged

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