Harder stance on exploiters

Exploiters are still in game, constantly whacking at the game to find more exploits to exploit. They actively seek to ruin the game for everyone. They’re never gonna stop and they will always find something. You can keep fixing exploits but they outnumber you by legions. It will never end.

Unless we’re stress testing the game and hoping to turn it into military grade software (and even then if this was a military software, these people would be in jail). Not doing anything else but fixing up their mess only emboldens them and implicitly says that its ok. Stop them before they burn the game to the ground. Its the reason the TOS exists.

Every software is a buggy exploitable mess if enough people are allowed to keep whacking at it without consequence.

Well done on fishing bots but they have different (less malicious) objectives.

I mean they are barely able to fix major exploits that their patches create. While there are huge bugs that have existed since the start of the game. Its like they are trying to bail the water out of their ship by shooting into it so it splashes out. Sure the exploiters are weird people messing with the gameplay to an unplayable extent, but the tools that AGS lent them is ultimately the problem that does not look like it will be fixed any time soon.

In some industries businesses actually pay people to uncover bugs and exploitable errors (yes if it is an exploit that means there is an error). Here we pay them and they let us show them what needs fixing because they don’t seem able to test things any other way. Some people just take a lot more pleasure in testing it that others.

But these people are also legally bound to not use the exploits or reveal them to anyone outside. The exploiters we have right now are not in the same position as paid auditors.

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Mmhmm because they are paid. As I said here we pay them.

No they aren’t paying the studio to exploit. They paid to play the game. To think that exploiters are helping the game is narcissistic and irrational.

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And if the game were not so full of holes they would have nothing to expoit.

I don’t run around looking for broken stuff, but here its hard to not just trip over them, for those people who do like to find them and use them I can see why it would be so much fun. Now I am not saying that is good, just that I can understand it. And blaming the player for problems with a games code is rarely if ever a good move.

No matter what you do, there will always be something to exploit. Nothing that exist in the world right now is unexploitable. The only thing to do is to make sure there are consequences for doing so.

You’re basically saying that it’s ok to rob someone if they leave their cash on the table.

Im not blaming the player for problems with the game, Im saying those who knowingly exploit need to be stopped.

OK now you are just being silly.

“Harder” stance?
There’s basically been NO stance. I’ve yet to see anyone provide any real proof that action has been taken against cheaters and exploiters.
“Action” was taken against fishing bots but it was a change to fishing rewards, so that hurt everyone. Can’t really be counted.

A change from “No” to “Something” is a harder stance lol.

Hold on there. There is a difference between thinking something is a legitimate part of the game, or even in the heat of the moment, using exploit once upon first discovering it, AND continuously abusing a know exploit. It is never a good move to allow players to abuse known exploits in any game that includes competition. It is objectively illogical to say otherwise. If you cheat, you should be suspended or banned, depending upon the severity. How this could even be a discussion is beyond me.

It’s funny seeing the perma bloodlust spammers abuse it, then talk sh* in local with their zerg lol, then die in a 1v2. Oof

All depends on who is being punished for what activity and how stringently. I have seen people asking for players to be banned just for aoe grinding (not even the boar thing) or dodge rolling because they claim they are exploits.

Going to be honest, What reason do I have not to use Exploits? Like I want to play the game fair and square… but its really hard when I see other players abusing exploits to win in pvp. Unless Amazon actually punishes players who exploit there’s no reason not to find new and better ways to exploit the game and screw over other players. It will become a race to see who can sink the lowest.

Amazon needs to punish people abusing these exploits. In addition, it needs to publicize those punishments. This is for two reasons. First: players need to know that exploiting will not succeed in the long run. Second: Those who did not exploit need to be vindicated in that decision. There needs to be some positive feedback for not exploiting and abusing the game, and the cheapest way to do so is to let players who were hurt by exploiters know those exploiters were punished.

Honestly, at this point I don’t care about pve exploits. Those don’t directly screw over other players, so its a low priority for me. What I really care about are those who use exploits to beat other players, whether in war or outpost rush or any other pvp. It’s very disheartening to lose a war because the other side abused an exploit, and then see them get away with it scot free.

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Yeah, they need to implement suspensions and bans ASAP (more so than they apparently have). The truth is that there is a whole portion of the online gaming community that delights in exploits, especially in a competitive environment. These people will exploit the game as much and as often as they can, even though they know that, eventually, they will get banned. They don’t really care.

Compulsive exploiters have no interest in playing the game for what it is supposed to be and don’t really care about NW as an MMORPG, in fact, they joy comes from breaking things and frustrating other players through cheating. They are part of the “oldest profession” on the internet–trolling.

These players are not fans of NW, in fact, they hold it in contempt. They’ll simply move on to the next game after they are banned. So, Amazon, help them out by moving them on, so that actual fans don’t also feel the need to move on as well. You’ve got their money, they are not paying a monthly fee, and they just make your game worse and actively decrease your future revenue. The solution to this problem could not be more evident.

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