Harvester Clothes Removed? Compensation

Kvothe the Faen
US West - Saknussem

  • All my Harvester gear is removed, and no longer in the game. The harvester gear I just got in drops is gone, and I lost the possible sales from those highly valuable items.
  • Not sure if bug or intentional, but did not see it announced anywhere
  • I lost the items I rely on for increasing the value and efficiency of my harvesting.
  • I am not compensated for the thousands of coin I spent on the top tier items I purchases to use, or invested to sell later.
  • I am not compensated for the thousands in coin I would have made for the sales
  • I was wearing the harvester set before the patch, when I joined new world after the patch I was naked. Went to the storage to check and all my harvester items were gone. Went to the trading post to check and harvesting items were no longer searchable.
  • I asked in Global chat and others have the same issue.

If this was an intentional removal, WHY was it not announced?

I believe in game coin compensation for this removal would be a minimum solution.


They are aware. Not intentional.


same situation.
bump for devs

Same for me

Same for me.

Well after today’s patch there happened alot x)

Known issue: [Bug Megathread] November Monthly Release (1.1)
Known Issues – November Monthly Release (1.1)

Havuc already posted this link above but we do have a more detailed explanation here: Harvesting Gear Disappeared! - #123 by TigerCr4ne

I’m going to close this thread to consolidate information.

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