Harvester set reimbursement

My harvester set was removed much like everybody else’s, however, I still haven’t received my new set that is promised in the dev notes. Is there a time frame that we should be expecting those reward chest’s that contain the set?

I too am waiting but ive come home from work to find that AGS has done it again and turned a small downtime into a total fucking headache of 8 plus hours extended maint. Guys unless you get your shit together there wont be any need to do server merges cos there wont be noone on the servers to merge with. Its the same old story you have a pts test the hell out of a patch before loading it on to the live server this will stop shit like this happening again and again and impacting yet again the EU community cos we are yet again unable to game during prime time and even though im part of the creator team im beginning to think that your incapable of applying an update with cocking something else up. So we beg you get your heads together sort this shit out and get the servers up asap.

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Hey there Adventurers,

This is the latest information we have on this issue:

[Downtime] All Regions November 23rd 11:00pm PT/ November 24th 8:00am CET - #5 by Tosch
In this release the in-game Harvester gear has been re-added to the loot tables, and is earnable in-game once again. Unfortunately, we found issues with the horticulture gear we intended to grant players. The gear we intended to provide had stats and player level requirements that would have caused significant and unintentional imbalances in both PvE and PvP play.

We want to make sure to get you the gear exactly as described while keeping the experience fair and balanced. We will be correcting this and issuing the gear later than we had thought - we will update when we know that schedule. We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused and thank you for your patience and understanding.

I hope this helps!

Im having the same issue my gear was taken out of my storage and now im waiting for it to be returned… i contacted live support and they have told me u have to start posting on forums, Where i dont know. Wasnt happy about this and he said he would do it for me. Dont know if he has because I got frustrated with him when he asked me if Ive tried all my troubleshooting options… get this he asked me if Ive restarted new world and restarted my computer to fix developers taking gear out of my inventory. Like talking to a wall i ended chat!! Horrible

Meh, I made my own GS 590 harvesting set with a few more PvE abilities randomly thrown on.

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