Harvesting Gear Disappeared!

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My life staff have 2,7 % luck, now is gone.

so much for the PTR

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I lost my harvester set too, There will be any compensation? :confused:

Character: CryptAngel
Server: Nowhere EU

my hat, pants, boots … it’s all gone :cry:

In our latest update, we made a mistake that treated all tiers of the in-game Horticulture harvesting gear as future content, and unintentionally removed them from the game. This is an embarrassing mistake that is squarely our fault, and we apologize to our players who have had their harvesting and trading disrupted as a result.

We are working quickly to correct this and replace the lost items, targeting the next patch. Any player who had ever earned a single piece of this of this gear will be rewarded with a full set of bind on equip, Horticulture gear at the highest tier that was ever earned. The gear score for the replacement gear will be at the highest limit allowed per tier. This includes all Horticulture gear earned; whether you received it as a loot drop, it was traded to you, or you purchased it from the trading post. The items will be distributed directly to players and show up as a armor chest that will deliver the full set of gear.



Surely I just read this wrong, you made a mistake, deleted everyone’s gear, and you’re not putting it back until NEXT patch?

I’m really hoping I just read this wrong…

I’m also confused as you have the AGS tag, yet that was your first post, and your name isn’t orange. EDIT - name is now orange.

Also let’s critically think for a moment. Let’s say Bliz, SE, Zenimax or any of the other big names in the MMORPG space patched their game and deleted a huge portion of their players items. Do you think they’d tell their players to suck it up for a week and wait till another patch to put it back? 100% not. This, this right here is why you’re losing players. You sat on your hands while hatchets were broken even after proving you’re willing to hotfix the game to fix the Life staff that broke in the same patch, people raged, and they left, and here you are about to do it again.

I’m not trying to beat you up, or kick you while down, I’m trying to help here. You found the problem, pull the servers down, hot fix it back, and bring them back online. People will be upset as always, but MORE people are going to be furious over the loss of their gear.


Can confirm. Logged in just now, harvester gear gone from storage. Give back pls thx.

Does this include my harvesting gear I bought of the TP? I had the level 40 set.

And that is a pretty big issue for me now since that was my leveling gear.


My Harvesting Gear ist also dissappeared…
whats the problem? Whren we get it back?

Damn it, just hit level 50 and a really nice level 50, blue chest harvesting piece is gone. That was a gift from a guildie and have been really looking forward to being able to wear it. Never even had the chance to wear it! The rest of my harvesting set is also gone, but that Chestpiece hurts!

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You said people that “earned” an harvesting piece will be granted a full set of harvesting gear. But what about people who bought from trading post the gears set those that count as “earned” since it’s not a drop. I did lose my set but my tier5 set was bought and not dropped.

I would like to get some clarification. While we wait for next patch.


I updated my post to clarify it includes all Horticulture gear earned; whether you received it as a loot drop, it was traded to you, or you purchased it from the trading post.


**CanarianViking on Amenti, waiting for 13K or full 580+ Harvesting gear :slight_smile: **

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indeed but my set was as well +20+ int to use it on my mage, will the set given have stats as well?


thanks for the update @TigerCr4ne but i have to ask if you have any info on any of the gear and items that, while they didnt vanish, had luck removed from them all together…is that also being fixed?


Does that include the gear score at max?

Thank you for the timely reply and information it is appreciated!

Yesterday I had a 600 GS legendary shield, today it’s a 525 GS Epic gear.
Different GS and different tier.

They likely changed something to the crafting of gear and decided it was a good idea to also change all the existing crafted gear, not taking into consideration people who purchased said crafted gear from the TP.

It’s like parking your Porsche you purchased in the garage and the next day it was turned into a Nissan. (No offense to Nissan, but it’s not the same as a Porsche).