Harvesting Gear Disappeared!

You guys are just so bad, if I was that bad at my job I will homeless.
To Announce a patch and 3 hours after announcing a correction of it, It is just amateurism !!

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My bet is they are not going to comment and wait it out. Hope people forget about what they offered hope people pick up some harvesting gear and all will be forgiven only a few will complain! or even remember. Ive seen that happen so many times in MMO’s will they be the same?

Every time I see a post I expect these devs to get their shit together. This game will end up with no players eventually. These devs need to understand that if you do stupid shit then you win stupid prizes.

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OMG amateur hour… Patch release notes… We have fixed… We have broken with our fix…

The free harvesting gear isn’t replacing the significant amount of gold some of us spent to get harvesting gear with SPECIFIC stats… AGS status mistake fixed… its not fixed!!!

You keep asking for our patience and understanding… you do realize we paid real money for a functioning game… i have been gaming for 30+ years and on staff in games for 4 years and never come across this many mistakes from a dev team… come on guys… you are killing this game and destroying the goodwill of players… the lack of thought that has been put into making those mistakes right to the players is a joke


Bump up, i’m pretty sure i had harvester shirt before, but i wasn’t gathering for a while and i’m not sure if it’s gone or sth else. Is it possible to have an information if i should recieve the chest?

You should as far as I know…but it seems the chest is delayed atm due to balancing problems with them.

Skinning sets are fine
All harvesting sets were deleted as they marked them as future updates for some bizarre reason

But … the items ALREADY existed … how … how is this even possible?

You can flag all you like. Just be glad i didn’t use your name in the thread i created

That is totally unfair and bizarre. Who the hell dreamed that one up. Someones getting a serious telling off , I can sense that . :wink:

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I laughed so hard the other day when I watched the NW trailer on YT and a 15 second commercial popped up for getting your game developer certification “entirely online” and “in only six months”. It still makes me laugh.

They have same armor rating as every level 60, 600 gs light armor, so yeah. They give equavilent protection

Submit game ticket. After 4 days until my forum subscription was approved, I posted right here about lost items. I HAVE LOST MANY ITEMS made hours before the patch. And you say that they will return my equipment to me that it does not cost me anything to recover them? It’s REALLY evident his way of ignoring what he wrote about LOST ITEMS. I have not received a response from Amazon 6 days after the incident.

Did anyone receive their gear back or the proposed gear box with last night’s patch? I still don’t have my stuff

Same here, I had a full gear and didn’t receive anything back

where’s my harvesting gear? u said i would get it back today. it’s the only way i make coin so where is it?!

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Literally read their official posts… You too @NaroDekk.

Official News - New World Forums (PS. Scroll down)

So we didn’t get back our harvester gear?

Not correct. Try reading the latest update from the Devs. Sheesh.

great, now i have to regrind/rebuy all my harvester gear since it’s probably going to take them months to clean this up.

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