Harvesting Gear Disappeared!

So we didn’t get back our harvester gear?

Not correct. Try reading the latest update from the Devs. Sheesh.

great, now i have to regrind/rebuy all my harvester gear since it’s probably going to take them months to clean this up.

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Pathetic idea. Whoever dreamed this one up needs to hand their notice in. “PVE feeds and Supports PVP” What a load of tosh. Seems the figures were correct on newworldstatus. Massive decline post patch , GG Amazon .

Idk what’s hard part… just set required lvl to 60 and like 90% of players will be happy for that… instead of this they don’t do shit and 100% of players are mad and angry…

@Tosch @Luxendra @TigerCr4ne i get the Issue with not giving out Harvester gear at 600gs max 30+ int or w/e

cant you simply make a “Harvester reimbursement set”
simply give it the Harvesting luck, but Remove the “intellect” stats off it or just reduce it to 15-20 intellect vs the 30+ (so its nothing that is Significantly op) and wouldn’t to quote “affect PVE/PVP”

Actually inteligence is important part of that gear. When you reach 300 int you have a chance to gather instantly a node so that’s a big advantage when farming

um… no u dont lol
what ur reffering to is 250 int, which by no means is “hard” to reach|

the 300 1 hit’s are only 300 str for mining, and 300 con for logging.

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What, the set i bought had the int on it, so what even is this solution.

I dont want some half-arsed set back because they screwed up and now all of a sudden the stats are a problem, even though they been like that for ages.

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So everyone is going to get a full set of their highest harvester gear ??? even if they only had 1 piece of it ? what about the people who spend a good amount of gold to buy the best harvester gear? Now that everyone will just get it for free…

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soooo any idea when we are getting our gear back?
Wasting my time harvesting without it.
Wasn’t in the patch the promised (of course, how hard is it? like seriously)

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Every time there’s a problem in game. lol

u belive in santa claus ? :smiley:

AGS your Plan A for ‘making right’ this ‘mistake’ is now deemed problematic and you have to go back to the drawing board? I am shocked, shocked I do say.

Beyond my personal harvesting gear set(s) what about the harvesting gear items i had for sale in the TP? And the listing fees already paid. And the lost revenue from the sales? Just when i think AGS has hit bottom, I continue to be amazed.

And let me guess, even more downtime in our future following many more attempts to ‘fix’ things. Or maybe actually use the PTR, with a proper amount of testing before rolling out massive changes, and actually listen to player feedback. Honestly, just refund everyone’s purchase of the game who request it.


whatever crack you are on it must be good stuff…

Dude gear with harvesting perks is not affected. Only the named skinner set was affected.

I’m asking you again:
Why on earth are you lying?

1 week left… omfg when you get back my harvesting gear???


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Gues I gonna quit the game at this point.
Just for your information. I´m a casual gamer that hasn´t much time for this game.
I reached level 60, and bought the Harverster Gear cause it was cheap int gear.
So a week ago after work i logged in and found my only char naked.
Since I don´t have the time to farm new gear, nor do i consider this any kind of fun…
And since I have a serious disadvantage without the gear.
I waited a whole week for the replacement. Since the promised replacement seemed to be acceptable for the mistake.
I even worked through the weekend and took 2 days of to game…
And so today i logged in, got no replacement, came to this post and read that message?

I had no problem with the game sofar and I gueas the content would have kept me busy for like another month or so. But at this point you lost me.
Making a mistake with a patch is one thing… but your handling of this mistake certainly sucks hard.


more than week but i still don’t get my harvesting set back.
it is not normal guys!

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