Harvesting Gear Disappeared!

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i lost (AT LEAST) my harvesting pants. Wife lost (AT LEAST!!!) her ring and harvesting chest/boots/hat… who knows what else. Probably a lot. Dev team (I know you’re reading this) SHOULD ALL BE WIPED AND REPLACED. YOU ARE A JOKE.


Same, Boots and Pants disappeared.
Had to buy something from the AH just to be able to go out into the world without people laughing at my naked butt…
I’m probably going to see my stuff back, but I doubt I’ll recover the money spent replacing it until then…

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Why are people even surprised at this point ?



Well since they are looking into it already guess I’ll respec when I get home cause my harvesting set is my current leveling gear for PvE.

Just installed on my work PC and can confirm my character is now naked.

I am not surprised… pls remember it’s just a game folks, the devs are working on a fix, and if it’s this widespread they’ll have to fix it soon… so just chill…

It’s all healers fault.
You can fix this issue by nerfing them more.


My harvesting gear is gone aswell.

Name: RuneSwen
World: Hydrus

I understand it is just a game, but they can’t keep making these mistakes. Updates should at least be tested before being put into the game. Losing more and more people everyday

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I also saw my character naked when logging in after the latest update. I bought a full 5-piece Tier 5 Harvester Light Armor set this morning, and now it’s gone.

Another strange thing I noticed is that also my PvE shield (a Tier 4 Kite Shield) is also gone.

I am wondering if there are more items missing now?

This is really, really sad and so extremely disappointing!

Character Name: KAZDUN
World: Bifrost
Region: EU Central



also disappeared craft mods [Jagged Boar Tusk] and not replaced by anything. and it’s not written in the patch.
For example, I have only some things from Harv gear missing

It’s good that I took screenshots of the warehouses before and after :grinning:


As somebody who focuses on harvesting and crafts mainly harvesting stuff… well… you know how I feel :joy:

Next patch I will photograph my stuff as well ^^


Extend the maintenance? Who knows what other items are lost?.. luckily I screenshot my inventory before logging out, but not all my storages :frowning:

My whole harvesters set is also gone… god knows what else. Thanks AGS for another quality update!


Yeah i am also missing half my harvesting gathering set. this update is great man off to a good start.

Here too. I was wearing Harvesting Pants and Hat. Logged on just now, after patching, and both items were unequipped and not in any storage or inventory.

i am still waiting on all this gold compensation for all the market freezes. i am thinking maybe we get a refund on all those old house taxes too you know.

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NA East Oceana lost 4 T4 harvester and 1 T5 piece.

I farmed all the T4 at oceanview. bought the t5 for a tiddy sum a few days ago.

Talked to ingame support chat was told “we will investigate it”

I am bout done with this game.

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i have been feeling the same way for a few weeks now this game got me feeling all types of ways

thought id give this another chance… nope lol