Has a NW Dev personally levelled their HWM to max?

I’m curious if any New World Dev or community moderator has actually played New World through the entire HWM grind? I don’t mean one or two runs of Genesis/Lazarus. I mean doing the daily grind that they are asking us to do.

I suspect not. They mention what their queries find but don’t ever seem to relate any personal experience.

Would New World Devs design the game differently if they actually put in the player hours to see what the experience is like? Obviously I’m not talking about the coding/development hours which I’m sure is considerable. But do they have any idea what the true player experience is like?

And I don’t mean the part where they have a private PTR-like server where they open up a bunch of loot boxes and arbitrarily set their skills to preset numbers. I mean actually play through the game “as they intended it to be played”.

Based on how they let war lag and other end game content bugs through, I suspect that none of that is fully play tested. I sincerely doubt they have enough play testers to actually see what it’s like. And so when things blow up on the live servers, that’s the first they actually see of it.


Ofc they all play hardcore daily… you can deduce it from those quality of life improvements.


In my head I picture one of the game testers clocking in for the day, sitting down at their computer, blurry eyed, launching New World, pulling up Youtubes latest solo chest run to increase gear score and running chests over and over for the 5th day straight to increase their gear score…

Was that in my head…or a mirror…

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It seems that all their decisions are based on watching what players are doing and deciding “no, we want them to do it this way instead”.

Of course players will naturally gravitate to the easiest and most efficient methods. So their response is to try and shut down every avenue until it correlates to “how we intend for the game to be played”.

I’m just curious if any one of their dev team has actually played this game fully to the end to see what it’s actually like. And I mean putting in the actual player hours without any dev tools.

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Like when my wives family says I cannot play a wild card draw 4, call red, then play red draw 2 so they have to draw 6 total. I don’t care if its not in the rules of UNO, I have always played with this house rule Margaret!

Of course they have. They did

UPDATE player_gear
SET watermark = 600
WHERE ags_employee = 1

Ofcourse they are all GRINDING the HWM!!! They don’t even have time to develop the game because of all this content.

IF they play their own game, i would argue that their standards for what is fun is abysmally low.

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Yes, this is why I’m pretty certain that none of them have put in the number of hours that the majority of players have spent actually playing the game.

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