Has Amazon just changed the rules to allow fishing bots? Seriously legitimate question

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On Themiscyra server there are about 7 fishing bots running 24/7 on both Reekwater 3* hotspots. I have personally reported all of them every day for weeks.

Other people on world chat are posting that they have reported them every day for weeks.

No hyperbole, at least 20 people have posted saying they are submitting daily bot reports on them. They are also asking others to report.

Even if no one else is reporting, that’s 21 people over 21+ days which would be upwards of 500 bot reports per user.

Nothing at all has been done.

The game economy is crushed since no one else can farm mats like pearls.

At this point it seems that the only explanation is that the reporting of fishing bots is ignored.

Just wondering if we can get clarification so we don’t waste our time reporting anymore or devs time reading them.

Just an FYI - the gator immediate below the 3-star perch at the north end of Restless knows how to climb rocks…if you train him to…and has a taste for bots. Just sayin’…

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There are probably so many reports on separate bots that they can’t keep up. Apparently investigating bots is not easy, or so they alluded to in their dev video.

Harder than people exploiting the reporting to system and just mass-reporting. That seems to work much faster <.< Less than 24 hour turnaround and guaranteed ban, if the forum accounts are to be believed.
And no automation there, according to AGS!

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Yeah. These bots are inside the rock. You can only see their nameplates. The gator can’t see them. But I’m with you. I wish he could get at them.

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