Has anyone experienced something like this before?


Dear moderators, please do not close this topic, I wrote the same problem to the forum before and you said you are can’t help. Maybe I can get help on what to do from someone who has the same problem as me.

I know it’s really hard to understand, and it’s an interesting story, but I’ll try to explain.

While playing the game, I suddenly got a “lag detected” warning and then I learned that I was banned with a warning as in the screenshot.

I was banned for 2 days for cheating. But I wasn’t using cheats, I thought it was a mistake since my ban was for 2 days and I didn’t care.

When my ban expired, I tried logging back into the game. And the screen before me;

Yes, I was banned again while I was waiting for my ban to expire. This had to be a joke because I wasn’t even in the game. How can it be?

I waited one more day. I tried to re-login to the game and a screen like this greeted me;

Yes!, I was banned again when I wasn’t in the game.

What methods did I use to solve this problem;

  • I opened a topic on the forum and explained : They said they can’t do anything and referred me to support
  • I created and disputed a web ticket : They sent me an article about what I do in the game I will be banned (copy - paste)
  • I spoke with live support : They said they understood me but didn’t have the authority to fix it.

And 5 days later… So today… I tried to enter the game again. And :

Maybe I opened a topic here so that there will be someone who has experienced the same thing as me.
Dear moderators, I know you cannot help me, If there is someone out there who can help me, I’m leaving my information below in the hope that you can let me know.

Nickname : UCD
Server : Barri


did you buy large quantities of stuff off the market before the bans? did you receive stuff from a friend or company mate or a random?

long story short you are probably flagged for “duping”

and unfortunately. the moderator team seems to be anemic, they probably have a TON of these cases to go through to clear peoples inventories or make sure you arent a mule account.

as a result until they finally do get to your case they will keep getting extended bans.

its pretty BS for the case that you could be entirly innocent but you get to lose all your cool downs and stuff for half a month

best to give up and come back in APR

i have zero confidence they will take care of this quickly and sort it out.


Well dang getting a ban for a ban because of a ban… Something is clearly off with the system it looks like. Why are the days inconsistent but the same reason is [cheating]. I know they don’t like to give the reasoning behind it but wow… thats messed up to get more days when yours expired

/sarcasm Circular reasoning is a perfectly acceptable method of justification!

I firmly believe in self fulfilling prophecies!

Thank you for your answer, if there is such a reason why do they keep banning me from cheating?
They can tell me that they are doing such research and say that they closed my account for a while. I hope this nonsense soon.

its because they probably have no choice.

i dont think their system is designed for internal extended bans or probation bans to fix things

and they cant outright say anything. that is corporation 101. it leaves open opportunities for people to contest.

well jokes on them this sort of situation just causes endless bad will.

Not sure if this pertains to the OP but they are extending bans as they are still working on temoving duped items

I’m sorry OP, but we need to close this thread. However, I have forwarded it to the Game Moderation team to review.