Has "Name Change" been implemented yet?

I’m sure this has been discussed a million times, so please don’t get annoyed for the millionth+1.

I am contemplating coming back to the game, after all the recent new updates and whatnot. I have a max level character with decent gear, and I’d rather just hop on her instead of re-rolling.

I’d like to change her name, if possible, so the question is pretty simple - has this feature been implemented yet? Most of the posts I’ve seen are from a while back, so just looking for a quick yes/no.

I originally joined the game with a group of people, so we all made our names “Name_Guild” - needless to say, the guild is no longer playing New World, so all I really want to do is remove the “_Guild” portion of my name.

Or does the way they developed their global servers, or whatever, still make this impossible?


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Sadly, I have the same problem, I started the game with a guild name and no, the name change is not yet implemented

Yes, just get all your friends to report your name.

Have you tried? If so, no, if you have? Still no

No, you need to get people to mass-report your name and the totally-not-automated ban system will ban you for 24hr and then give you a prompt to change it.

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