Has there ben any update?

Has anyone heard any news regarding transfers? The queue times are just really driving me to either not play until its fixed or go start on another world. The amount of time ive spent in queue, i realistically could have had my character to level 60…

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The rumor was in a week or so. It doesnt matter really…you are at the mercy of when it happens if you decide to keep playing.

Something dropped our server que this evening to 100-200 compared to the 1k+ yesterday…maby it’s this new server lock they did

might be a school night…

yea but im wanting to know if more info has come out, like can you transfer to any world, what comes with, etc…

Nothing new. The latest was that they hoped to have the transfer system this week, but no new details on it.

Honestly with that pending, I would hold off on rerolling and just see what happens with server pops after the transfers. The time to reroll on a low pop was really last week but since it’s already a week in and closer to the transfers coming now, it makes less sense to reroll now.

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They said next week. Its still week 1!

The afk threat from ags killed queue, since a lot of that was from afk people holding spots.

It’s also end of push week and to what it may end up being.

queue is still tracking around 400 spots per hour…

And…as i said…it will happen in a week…in 2 weeks…in a month. My point stands…how long can you wait is all up to you.

I didnt get on the server i wanted either but it didnt keep me from playing. Ive had a blast since day one knowing absolutely nobody at all…and getting lots of support.

You steer your own path.

The fact they haven’t given us anymore information about transfers is absurd. Even if they don’t have an exact date they could tell us what the restrictions will be and what will actually be transferred.

Last I heard, it’ll happen sometime this week. However, no, radio silence for the past 4 days or so

In this article from last Thursday, we communicated we’d be offering character transfers this week. Launch Day Update - News | New World
We will be sharing details on how it will work and how players can best utilize them to help alleviate the queue issues that remain.
We’ll provide more information very soon, thanks for your patience.

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Yea i saw that, i was hoping for specifics. I have a discord group(fairly large) that couldnt get in on launch day and had to join a different world. Now both worlds are capacity locked, so was just curious if they are screwed and either wont be able to transfer to the capacity world.

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