Hatchet: Against all odds perk exploit

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  • What is your character name in New World: Sky Blood
  • What server/world did you experience your issue on: Xibalba
  • Describe the issue you are experiencing: Many Players are exploting a bug with the hatchet that allows you to apply insane amout of damage. This is being exploited during wars and open world pvp. This issue needs to be addressed and corrected.
  • Is this a bug or an exploit: Exploit
  • (if a bug) How did the issue effect your gameplay:
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This is a bug because the people that are using it is just using the hatchet normally this does need to be fixed but this is not players creating this problem this is just them using the hatchet like they normally do i currently have this same bug on my hatchet im not killing anyone in pvp though im using it to kill portals until they patch it but this is game changing and needs to be fixed back to normal.

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This is not an exploit, its a bug.

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all you have to do to replicate this is just play hatchet dude, nothing else

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Negative. You have to not switch weapons for it to persist. And running around doing PvP and never using your second weapon, is abusing a bug. AKA exploiting. And if you tell me you only ever use hatchet in PvP and never use a second weapon then you’re 1. A dogshit player and 2. A liar.
I could care less about people doing it in PvE, it’s the ones pushing territories that could never win fights but now can abuse a bug and hit 8k. Doing it on purpose, is exploiting.


No, dude. Just no.

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when i as a paladin with 560 full resilient heavy armor, with the correct gems, buffs and ongoing healers gets 2-3 shot by a hatchet there is a problem.

when you go into OPR and see that 15 out of 20 is using Hatchet there is a problem.

And saying there is no problem or no exploit is just stupid. That i my eyes means that people claiming there is no issue, is people using this build and do not want to get nerfed.

So what if im leveling my hatchet? This is a bug, not an exploit. All you have to do is use the hatchet, say i have the healing staff as back bar, if i dont need healing, im obviously not going to switch to it. Hence the bug is born aswell.

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people are talking about wars and OPR, not openworld… Sure its also an issue in openworld, but that does not effect the server as a whole.

Flipping citys using a exploit does.

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You have to use the hatchet, with the perk, and never swap it. Again, I could care less about you leveling your hatchet. It’s the people using it to flip territories and plan on using it in wars if it’s not patched. THAT is exploiting. Could care less if you’re using it to kill alligators.
I play on a smaller server and people I’ve NEVER seen use a hatchet, even mages etc. are now using them to take territories. That’s an exploit and if you think it’s not, please never read the warning labels on anything and let natural selection take it’s course.

You are a little too ignorant for someone who is just flat out wrong

So what are you supposed to do? Let the enemy all use a hatchet and just be run over? No way, i deff understand why ppl also run hatchets in war right now. Otherwise it would be suicide. But still, it’s not an exploit, you can just be playing the game with a hatchet and it will automaticly happen. It’s just fighting 30 enemies and then its full dmg again, so in wars, u just switch and u instantly get the proc for max dmg. No way this is an exploit, they should just fix the bug ez

Also, there is no rule that you have to switch out your weapons every 10sec or so, a healer will also keep their staff on and not switch alot of the times,

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Chill out Alpha Male,

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This is actually why some things are critical errors.
It is a bug that is easy to exploit.
If you just play on your own, it wont hurt anyone (as much).
But if you enter War or Outpost Rush and everyone is using it (because of its strength) vs other who use their favorite weapons, this isnt a matter of accidental bug anymore but intentionally using a coding error to your own advantage. It doesnt matter everyone could do it, and it needs to be adressed any possible way. Either by disabling hatchet in competitve situations (no one would want to have his weapon disabled), disabling the perk until fixed (yep, even that might be a bit hard), or outright disabling any instanced PVP until critical error is sorted.

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Can I get a refund for purchasing the game or any in-game purchases that I have made? I am paying for something that is not ready to release.

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edge so sharp, so much brave. its a game, bebe girl, dont get so emotionally out of control. youre showing your insecurities.

btw, its a BUG. not an exploit.

An exploit is the intentional abusing of a bug.
If it is a single player running around with only a hatchet as his weapon, not reading the boards and minding his own gameplay, its hardly intentional and he very likely isnt aware about the reason of increased damage.
If it is a whole band of players, who either have identified the reason or read it on the boards (or elsewhere) and decide to make use of it for their advantage in competitive play scenarios, this very well is exploiting of the bug.

But as we can hardly tell the one from the other, and no one would want his favorite weapon to be disabled, this leaves AGS with 2 options:
disabling the trait (because replacing it with a temporary alternative just would very likely cause the next issue) or disablind all competitive playing fields.
Anything else is a slap to the face of every player playing in earnest.

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