Hatchet "Agaisnt All Odds" Exploit

  • Character Name: Fusco212
  • Issue that occurred: Hatchet “against all odds” passive buff persists after no enemies are near and after death, only goes away with weapon switch. Can make damage go over 2k+ unbuffed with hatchet
  • Time and Date: 10/31/2021 13:00 EST
  • World/Server: Emain Albach
  • Location where issue occurred: Anywhere
  • Any steps that can be taken to reproduce the issue: Just group up enemies with hatchet out so that you get your damage up, rinse and repeat.
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This needs to be addressed asap. Not only are people exploiting the bug but theres also people who dont know about it and are getting mass reported by others for cheating. A group of marauders were going around reporting anyone they saw with a hatchet in outpost rush yesterday on my server.

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I wasn’t even aware of this exploit, and I main a Hatchet. Had Duels that went sideways when the other players noticed I was rolling with a Hatchet, assumed I would be exploiting. Luckily I don’t have that Passive Buff, though regardless.

When do Amzon fix the bug exploit ? 4 wars with entire people using hatchet exploit one shotting everyone

Can’t win, Territory are full green now because they all do that.

Wtf Amazon already, it’s like an emergency fix to deploy

This is very easy to re-create, the buff is not going away when the mobs are no longer near you.

Just tested and confirmed on Pyrallis… 3:53 pm est 10/31/21

You can stack it to 4500 damage per light attack. Got deleted in wars. Deleting level 60 mobs with 2 hits. This is worse than the crouch heal. Wars are going to be more of a shitshow than normal.

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So many people are abusing this in OP right now. Like almost full teams doing this lmfao.

Might as well close down all pvp until this is fix, literally unplayable

We just lost our town to hatchet horde. feelsbad

Yeah, i know that feeling.

Had 4 territories. Purple went from being a joke to unbeatable.

3 Territories were lost due to invulnerability exploiting.

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