Hatchet & Bow Advice/help?

Still a fairly new player so trying to get me head around all of this… if I want to run the hatchet and bow combo, am I correct in thinking I need to put every point I have into dex?

Also, if that’s the case do all of my armour pieces need to be purely dex or a mixture of strength/constitution too?

Any help hugely appreciated!

Hey @Kodap,

So hatchet runs off mainly strength and secondary Dex with the bow being pure Dex. You’ll want to go do a pure Dex build if you want to be “glass cannon”.

If you’d like some survivability add some con to your gear.

Strength is useless with bow so it’s best to stack the Dex and ignore the str. If you happen to get a piece of gear that drops str it will still increase your damage to the hatchet but won’t do anything for your bow.

Hope that helps!

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Make sure you get 50 in strength dex and constitution then put your points all in Dex of you primarily are using the bow

Your hatchet dps potential is gonna suffer but you should be fine if your mostly range Combat

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My main weapon of choice is Bow & hatchet. In my case hatchet is not used a whole lot. As mobs tends to die in 1-2 hits from my bow before they get to me. Hatchet is more like a SHTF where they are right on me.

For that you looking at 50 in constitution as it makes potions 20% stronger for those SHTF times. Once that is meet dump every single point in DEX.

As for gear you are looking at medium chest piece and everything else light armor. As for stats on gear what you really want is DEX & CON. By having that CON it will help your survivability some.

Here is a Youtube link for you maybe it will help you.

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Hey Eeve,

Thanks so much for the reply, I’m assuming you mean… stack Dex and ignore Str? Not ignore Dex haha :joy:

Amazing thank you.

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Ace thanks mate, appreciate the help.

Hi Commander,

So I’m only level 21 meaning I don’t really have the full attribute points yet so I’m unsure of what to start off with and what to level later on. I’ll give that video a watch and hopefully find out a bit more!

@Kodap Correct lol. I edited my post after reading it again.

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