Hatchet Damage Bug! Come get your +150% crit damage on hatchet. link to my post in bug reports included

Link to my post in Bug Reports.

Have fun. No one, to my knowledge got in trouble for abusing the last hatchet bug with “Against All Odds” so go use this on your server to win a war. Make people pissed off. Get the devs attention anyway you can so the fix it.

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The sad part is this comes at the same exact time they “fixed” the IG damage bug. AGS is really losing the player base with this constant barrage of brokenness.

As someone who regularly plays heavy, there is nothing more annoying in wars than getting to a point and either getting decimated by stacked ice storms, rubber-banding, movement speed bug, and now getting 4-hit by a hatchet user. In war, there is no incentive to play anything other than what is broken. For the last month we saw nearly 50 v 50 mage battles. Now is the start of the nearly 50 v 50 hatchet.

It is to the point that, out of my 5-man mutation group, 2 members quit the game because of the bugs… and I’m certain at least 1 more will quit soon. It is a fun game, but the constant over-tuning (Myrkgard, Scorpius, etc. before - now mutations) and broken abilities/modifiers… I can’t see myself playing this game much longer as there is no incentive to keep playing.


From your other thread:


I was getting Auto-attack for 4K on my 14k hp build last night with hatchet. Something is def wrong or been exploited

your completely wrong I run the hatchet and have been since the beginning of the game. I have 300 strength 200 conn with food. My hatchet is legendry and I do not do 150% more damage on a crit. I have my hatchet leveled to a 611 gear score and this still doesn’t help in a PVP setting. Not sure how you are calculating your crit damage but I have against all odds that was already detuned and nerfed before on a patch and you have to go toe to toe still to get a kill in a PVP setting such as OPR. My health is always down to almost zero when using the hatchet fighting other players. Please re think your calculation’s and all the perk modifiers for hatchet before calling out a hatchet player. I not defending anyone weapon or player and I want a equal and fair playing field like everyone else which makes the game fun but the hatchet is not broken and is hard to still get a kill in and has already been nerfed

your completely wrong

No. You are.

Dude … Read my words. Use the “On Fire” skill pip and you get 150% crit damage. My goodness I don’t need a paragraph of your apparent qualifications to know through my own testing that this pip is bugged. You actually probably didn’t even know “On fire” was a skill pip that existed in the first place. Because it’s so useless on its face that no one selected it ever. That’s why this bug stayed under the radar for so long.

The guy even found the code in 2 of my threads about this.

I do, it’s bugged, it’s fixed on PTR. It’s not under the radar any longer.

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cool man wasn’t giving you a long paragraph of crap but if Im going to reply I think its good to explain myself I use the berserk skill tree only so the on fire skill not to sure about but your post mentions against all odds nothing reads ON fire skill so get it right and maybe repost your post to expalin the correct thing here is your post
Have fun. No one, to my knowledge got in trouble for abusing the last hatchet bug with “Against All Odds” so go use this on your server to win a war. Make people pissed off. Get the devs attention anyway you can so the fix it.

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I know thank you for the info it was very helpful. My response was directed at the user that was saying hatchet is not bugged.

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Click the link, the first thing in my post.

The bug is on throwing abilities only and it’s fixed on PTR according to a post above. This thread is overly dramatic.

It’s not only on throwing abilities. You use the pip, all your crits go up. You’re dead wrong.

If you have no idea how broken this exploit/bug is, here is a picture with and without on fire perk. Everything else stays the same. It will further increase your crit damage if you pick the Rejuvenating Crits perk.

I have 5 str and 5 dex when testing on this strawman. This is what u can do to a Medium armor healer with this exploit/bug.

never saw this yet

Holy hooked on phonics. He mentioned the “against al odds” mastery because he was talking about the previous broken hatchet bug. The link to his post about the current “on fire” bug was right there.

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Its on PTR or?

Apparently it’s not present on the PTR, but it’s on live.

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