Hatchet Damage Exploit

It’s also Halloween, so even less chance of getting a response. I am a hatchet user, but have stayed away from Outpost Rush or PvP, PvE I’m still playing, in my usual area.

Exactly, devs are people too, there may be laws or company policy that does not allow them to work on weekends, notice this last week too, they did not answer till workday early morning and already applied a patch as soon as possible

Is my post not clear ? the point was if he wasn’t working then fair enough, but he is and responding to other issues, look at Dev Tracker, last responded 15 mins ago.

Dev’s have a life, family and time off, but he isn’t off…

Works in PVP too.

Fucking love getting one-shot in full Heavy. And watching ONE player melt 3 players in about the time it takes to finish the Raging Torrent move.

Outpost Rush is pointless now.

The perk causing this is Against All Odds.

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happened to me too, I discovered it after someone told me, I tried to die, unstuck, teleport but like he said only swapping weapon or logout fix it.
Maybe another thing is, I was afk for a bit and when I came back the damage was normal, without swapping weapon.

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already reported with explanation

@dev ???
just tried to replicate like Against All Odds perk say, very easy to do it, hope they fix it very soon.


And start banning ppl for using exploits!

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It’s not a bug, it’s to balance the Firestaff Machine Gun lol!!!

NW is a joke now, too many crazy bugs, i will come back after the fixes. In my server there are tons of Legendary Sets selling…

The game will be set as PVE soon due the factions unbalance and also bug abusers, RIP PVP.

Yes, it will became a crafting simulator.

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Please Amazon fix ASAP.

For other weapon bugs you need to actively exploit something, this one you just need to use the hatchet. Wars are terrible now and outpost rush queues are empty due to this bug.

Ive been using a hatchet for weeks now I won't play any more PVP because I cant use Hatchet without exploit or bug. Ive spent over 100 asmodeum making hatchets in the last 3 weeks and I cant use it. Im out of pvp until it got fixed. Ive got my armor legendary and I don’t have much to do in the game.

To those saying it’s an xploit you are wrong. They didn’t go out there way to break the game. The bug was already there since launch. You come across this BUG by just normally playing. Just like the great axe. You act like there aren’t people who won’t try to go out their way to break the game and we need those people actually so the developers can hone in on what is causing the issues and fix them. Unfortunately I don’t see weapon skill and armor bugs being fixed anytime soon (probably not until they release the new weapons) if you don’t like the bug then don’t play with it but don’t get mad if others figure this out and use it to their advantage because it was accidentally discovered by normal game play and isn’t affected except through normal game play. Turn off PvP or don’t PvP until it’s fixed if you don’t like it

Can confirm my hatchet turned into a chainsaw, destroying anything on its way at light speed. On a side note it felt superb for a few mins to get some hack & slash vibes out of this exploit. Hope you get that one fixed soon :slight_smile:

Yes, because never, ever switching weapons, no matter the situation, running through mobs to increase the buff and only starting to PvP once the buff is in the 300% region is absolutely normal play in Outpost Rush. You’re totally right and the only one seeing clearly, obviously.
Bloody slow golfclap, dude…

Nope, that one is new since the last patch.


so the bug is coming from the perk against all odds. its suppose to give 10% more weapon damage per person in a 5m radius of you however its not falling off. this means you can achieve the max stack of 300% weapon damage and never have it vanish.

This bug literally turn the tied on my server and this is coming from a Syndicate player.

My server Valgrind had Marauders and Syndicate dominating the map for the most part. Once this bug came out and Syndicate literally took almost the entire map except for 2 zones, left for the Marauders and Covenant.

Prior to this we had about 4 zones, Marauders had 5 and Covenant had 1. Now, Syndicate owns 8 out of 10 zones. Also server transfer didn’t help things either. Overpopulation to one faction was going to cause issues. Sigh…

So I’m suppose to switch my game play style just because you don’t like the bug I get with my weapon of choice? Let’s all switch to S+S and musket then with light armor and no onyx gems sockets or gems for your main stat

Fix it or take it away from the game until it is fixed. this is insane. im getting 4 hit by level 20s. im level 60.