Hatchet Defy Death/Berserk Not Working in Arenas

When activating berserk while in a root wont remove the root nor slow

When pulling out or holding your hatchet, Defy Death doesn’t work after first time used


the cooldown of it just dont reset after it popped, so u wait the cooldown before u can use it another time


yes i have noticed the cooldown does not seem to reset properly when the arena “resets” you back to the starting location, hopefully they fix this bug of the hatchet cooldown in arenas soon

I am having the same issue. Berserk is NOT cleansing stuns on you when you need it most. Really needs to be fixed.

I m pretty sure nullify oblivion can remove it

no, it isnt that it just wont reset cd

Please ags reset all cd’s passive or not for new round. I used defy death in first round of arena and on second round i died instantly cuz that ability was still on cd from first round… how is that fair… in new round i should be able to use my abilitys again…

its fair because you shouldnt need defy to do stuff, sure it helps but I can do plenty without defy lol