Hatchet Exploit left unfixed, priority fixing skin bug instead

Need an ETA on hatchet exploit and speed bug fix, otherwise we are going to see wars just run with hatchet users tearing through backlines and tanks getting melted by multiple crits.

OPR is full of hatchet users and rapier users with 3x speed.

You’ve disabled weapons before, you can disable them again.

I mean add ice gauntlet too they too

Devs took the week off for Loa, maybe next oatch

Idk I see people with hatchet (although it’s not taken over on my server) in OPR but even with the bug it’s still not a effective weapon choice.

  1. Hatchet is an additional 100% Critical Damage… like having 9 Vicious stacks. It’s a lot of damage, but they are mostly pretty easy to avoid. The previous bug was 400% damage on all attacks.
  2. The Evade speed increase is not x3 and it ends when you stop running in a straight line. There are people abusing permanent speed bugs on our server for months in every OPR/War.

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