Hatchet - Feedback and needs buffs

Hatchet is in need of some buffs.

Animation work

  • Berserk needs to be instant, no animation “locking”. To be clear, when casting beserk, it “locks” the player in the animation for a period of time, and on top of that prevents any action. This animation should funish in 0.2-0.3 seconds.
  • Feral rush is highly inaccurate, it almost never lands its attack
  • Torrent should not lock the character in place, needs to be able to be used while moving
  • Torrent needs a faster animation sequence.
  • None of the axe throwing should arc its attack.
  • All of the projectiles movement speed should be increased by 30%


  • Berserk Refresh should heal every 2 seconds.
  • Defy death (10 talent perk) needs to not be able to be purge by removal buff effects (like oblivion)
  • Defy death needs to have a much low cooldown, say 20-30 seconds
  • Torrent cooldown reduced to 8 seconds
  • Feral rush damage increased to 130/180% (respectively for each attack)
  • Berserserk cool down reduced to 6 seconds
  • Persistent hinderance should increase the damage of throw based on range, by 5 damage per a meter (similar to the talent jav throw increase damage based on m)
  • Target impact should reduce the
  • Aimed throw damage increased to 115%
  • Rending throw damage increased to 130%
  • Social Distancing cool down reduced to 10 seconds
  • Infected throw healing reduction increased to 40%
  • Aerial transmisison cloud increased to 15 seconds

Berserk definitely doesn’t need buffs. The cure of 30% total HP is already absurd considering the CD and how many other things it offers, increasing the frequency would require a nerf elsewhere.

Absolutely not, the only thing I would change is that the cooldown should reset on death.

The total feral rush damage is 245% - 265% which is already quite high when compared to similar skills. A total damage of 310% - 330% is completely insane.

… Wait, you’re kidding, aren’t you? :sweat_smile:

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How about we totally remove the defy death perk? It’s a skill less get out of jail free card. Especially if you are a light armor dodger. How is it that you can literally defy death and you did nothing to activate it… at least make it so you have to precast defy death and it lasts for 5 seconds. If you die, you defy death. It shouldn’t just automatically happen.

I main Hatchet, and the only thing that need buff are the disgusting perk the weapon have and the damage of the throwing tree being a joke.
The left tree in already competitive.

if you want hatchet to be reworked then defy death needs to be removed that thing is way too cheesy, Berserk tree is already OP as hell and very useful for left clickers to win and then run.

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