Hatchet has terrible tracking, needs some love

Thrown hatchets should be more visible to better gauge the distance when using aimed throw.

It’s also weird that thrown abilities are projected straight (infected is semi straight), while aimed throw suffers a very hard curve fall off.

Social distancing should have itsrange extended by 5-10 meters, it feels bad having it vanish in mid air

Because of this, I don’t take aimed throw mastery talent, I only take the abilities themselves

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I think tracking on hatchet definitely could get some love.

However, Hatchet in my opinion is still the biggest crutch weapon in the game with an ability that gives you a free heal for no reason at all. I don’t mind it getting buffed again, but they need to finally do the rework on berserk and make it lifesteal instead of a flat heal without any condition to incentivize actually attacking targets and not just run.

Skill gap between NA and EU server seems HUGE.


see, those mortal empower stacks are why I always shoot at you.

the problem isnt just throws though, like people said, hatchet has been miserable for a long time. short range, no gap closer, useless root, awful tracking. opponents dont even need a get away skill because its so easy to get away from…

Mmmm, no.

It’s got great survival tools and mediocre kill power. It’s a poor man’s version of the rapier.

Feral Rush has terrible gap-closing capabilities and the root often just doesn’t happen even when hitting players directly in the back. The haste from Berserk isn’t enough to keep up with light-roll dodge on its own, and Torrent is a dead PvP skill. On the throwing side, Rending Throw might be good if players could stick on targets but it’s mostly just a decent poke/finisher because of its quick animation, good damage, and projectile speed. Social Distancing is a fantastic defensive tool, but pretty bad for offense. Infected Throw is situationally good, but that situation is pretty rare.

Blunderbuss does everything Hatchet wishes it could do, and it’s just all around easier to use. Hatchet’s one offensive strength is when an opponent tries to all-in against them, but again, BB does it better. And of course, defensively, rapier is just a superior choice.

Hatchet’s best role in PvP is for doing PvE in OPR.

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In theory. In practice these tools are not consistent enough.

my experience has been that they are just harder to use then people think. tbh, most hatchet players I see are bots… they recycle the exact same combination of moves and, without fail, save berserk to be used as an escape… and if they miss an ability, that’s their queue to escape.

they’ll usually get a few kills in OPR but a generally ineffectual when it comes actually winning

the difference between those bots and players that are good with a hatchet is night and day(far more noticeable then with most weapons); good hatchet players are relentless in pursuing a target and are generally extremely hard to shake… i honestly find them the most obnoxious to deal with(but also the most fun to fight).

bot-hatchets are SUPER dull to fight as they just run away and wait for Defy Death to cool down… like they literally won’t fight without defy death to save them.

I gurantee with an absolute certainty most well versed Hatchet players would say it’s more difficult than it should be. I’m not suggesting Hatchet is bad, needs a buff, etc. There’s a reason it’s paired with GA, SnS n Spear 90% of the time: these weapons provide with a greater consistency what Hatchet doesn’t have by itself. Which is proper targeting, hit scan arks and cc that procs on hit all the time. There’s a reason why no one uses Rapier as a main source of damage. It has the exact same issues. No weapon should be relegated solely to support. Outside of LS maybe.

well… every weapon is a secondary in one way or another isn’t it? WE don’t run one weapon at a time

“Solely”. Every weapon seems to be fitting into 2 roles utilising either tree nicely except for Hatchet and Rapier (and LS) Again, i’m not suggesting they are bad or in need of balancing or reworks. Hatchet isn’t terrible, it just feels terrible to use, because nothing connects when you want it to.

I’m suggesting what they set out to achieve in their trees are far too difficult to pull of effectively due to their targeting and hitscan when they have no reason to be.

They are asking to fix the tracking, at the very least. because ive played hatchet since launch and I can safely say although its better now, its still pretty terrible with tracking and feral rush is really bad, when it lands its good, but it only lands if u either rat them from behind or if u get lucky and time it right and they arent fast enough to dodge

100% agree, although I would say that hatchet users who light attack with great axe instead of using it to stagger lock, or gap close are trolling. Hatchet in a hatchet great axe build should be the primary dmg and whenever u can light attack, it should be with hatchet.

Because GA do what Hatchet don’t :rofl:

You’re 100% correct. I’d be ok with hatchet damage nerfed if it actually had gap closers, finishers and cc that actually works and is viable.

eh, itd be even more useless then tho, the only redeeming aspect is defy, and its light attack dmg. having cc on it wouldnt fit what its made for. rn it has the perfect amount of single target cc.

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