Hatchet Infected Throw Aim is FAR off with new patch 1.0.5

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Prior to 1.0.5 patch the Infected Throw trajectory was inline with the cross hairs. This was to be expected as it is a straight overhand throw not a sidearm of any kind. With the new patch the throw trajectory seems really random. As it’s hard enough to hit with this throw anyway, it’s the only ability to debuff healing in the game, and I do not see this in the patch notes, I do no believe this was intended.

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    Unable to aim with the only ability to debuff healing in the game.

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    New World 2021.11.04 - on Vimeo

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    Just using infected throw


I noticed the same thing, aiming mobs dead center like before and hatchet just not even close to hitting the mobs

i’ve seen even from as close as 2-3 meters while aiming right at the head,shots can end up hitting in the chest or completely sailing over top of them and to the left randomly.

Same problem here

Is your hatchet’s textures bugged?

That can’t be the intended look.

Nope, that’s the look of this hatchet as far as I can tell.

Exact same problem here. I thought i was going insane but looks like its happening to others as well.

Same here since 1.0.5. Very frustrating

I am having this same exact issue, renders the only heal de-buff in the game useless because it rarely hits the target.

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