Hatchet lol seriously

did anyone ask for nerfs to the hatchet? does anyone even use throwing. im confused. what are the priorities, how about we fix the hitbox with melee weapons and stop spending time on lame shit.

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It was buffed too high in the ptr and they reduced it a little, it’s still buffed if you compare it to the live skills(throwing skills).


The speed and easy of use is improved for the throwing tree. It was buffed but now compared to live the hatchet is getting a pretty significant nerf.


why is spears tracking so high and the dmg is super high with rend and bs and hatchets misses 99% of shots missing nonstop, and feral rush perk doesnt even work no one ever gets rooted when backstabbed with it. they need to up the tracking on melee weapons to deal with dogshit rapier and bow spam. cant even catch them and bows hit 4-5k on light nonstop. actual cringe. all ranged deserves a damage reduction since they can fight from safety and run away like cockroaches when pushed.


I’m getting rooted by a lot of hatchet user , hatchet is one of the top assassin weapon atm. They also fixing Desync from light attack on hatchet so it might help


i doubt they fixing desync on melee at all, thats a whole pipedream. they need to up tracking on melee weapons back to where they were originally.

They did, throwing tree actually buffed , anyone saying LIVE is better than new tree never threw one hatchet. Because on live it’s cost stamina and it doesn’t anymore so that’s a clear buff there also

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they buffed it then tuned it down before it was released

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Imagine thinking they nerfed hatchet :smiley: man seriously, you need to read whole patch notes.


Dude most mele weapons aa tracking is already insane. There is an issue with registering aa when they hit target but tracking issues? Nope. You just left click and weapon does follow other player if you can keep him in middle of your screen ±.

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ranged need dmg because they are lightweight they die fast

high defance = low dmg
low defance = high damage

though its not working like this in NW
in NW

any defance = high dmg

so stop crying about ranged dmg just because you cant catch them

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They did nerf the only viable hatchet pvp build. Throwing tree wont be ised except by meme’rs. Blunderbuss is far superior for the role it was modified for on the throwing tree side.

Both its mIn combo and primary named weapon are being gutted. And in exchange we get a pve spin that no one will want in their pve groups except maybe Gen.

nice touch

Axe guys got killer by it on the pts and raged.

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Yeah the nerf to hatchet throwing tree was so stupid and once again put the tree in the trash category that almost nobody will use

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The root cause of this issue is because stagger was removed. They need to adapt to being able to do melee attacks while moving albeit you move a bit slower. The system is just too clunky and it’s either in one direction or the other.

Too much homing = OP and less skill based
Too little tracking = you are just swinging and missing everything.

If stagger was removed why continue to utilize fixed melee attacks, you should be able to move and attack like the new Ashes footage or like SMITE


Social Distancing will probably be a solid skill now, even if it still looks absurdly silly.

Tiger’s Instinct stealth nerf is a crock of shit, since none of the other major double DamageCon weapons got touched.

Improved light attack hit box should hopefully make the weapon feel effective. It missed way too often on targets that were stationary or mid attack animation. Since several hatchet perks are tied to landing multiple light attacks, the improved hit box should yield a lot of buffs.

Going to roll about 30 hatchets when I get home to hopefully find a good combination to replace my Tiger’s Instinct with.


18s base cooldown, dropped by 50% if your target is within 6m. Skill has a stagger, a slow, grants you haste, and the (silly looking) hop back has iframes. And if they’re further than 6m away, you root them. Also, refreshing perks etc will further drop that cooldown.

That is A LOT of shit attached onto one ability. Wouldn’t surprise me if they nerfed it.


lol hatchet context in patch notes made half the page. xD

Social distancing is everything I wish Evade Shot was (except evade looks cooler lol).

Right? They could have done a sweet backflip hatchet throw but instead we get a re-used rending throw animation with a backwards hop after the throw.