Hatchet need nerf ASAP

Everywhere i go in open World pvp, or 3vs3 everyone has hatchet. Greatsword+hatchet, Greataxe+hatchet, bow+hatchet, spear+hatchet, even healers and mages started to carry hatchet as secondary weapon. This has to be stopped ASAP. Dont tell me that hatchet isnt broken. Hatchet is so popular, because of Defy Death - 3sec of immortality, this is second life in pvp. This is getting out of control, everyday more, and more players use hatchet in pvp. This is so unfair, when i have no hatchet. Guy with hatchet have 2 lifes, because of Defy Death, and extra potion because of beserk, and can break any stun or cc with it. Please nerf it ASAP.


Bump. Sns needs nerf too


People are using hatchet because GS is so OP.

GS needs the nerf. 1 button combo weapon, with auto tracking is the real issue.


Bump. Firestaff needs it’s 6th nerf too


No. Hatchet is just fine. Stop calling for nerfs! Buff / balance is needed not nerfs.


Yea, “its fine”. How melee weapon is fine, when even mages and healers started to use it as secondary? You cant stun, slow or root hatchet guy, because he have berserk, and You cant kill him, because of defy death. “fine weapon” - immune to CC and death



Yeah sure nerf the hatchet based on 3v3s’s…


Hatchet needs a buff in PVP. Melee tracking is still so terrible. It wrecks noobs tho and with all the noobs coming in from FSS not really surprising to see people crying.


So…after Rapier and Hatchet, guess SnS will be next on the agenda huh? What’s the end game here folks, secondary weapons being cosmetics only? We’re literally making our way through all the “Sidearms” here.


Hatchet alone is not an issue. Wasnt before patch? No it wasnt. So something added in patch made it so strong now. Try to quess what made everyone use hatchet or ss or gs or combination of this 3?

Fix combat/weapon bugs then rebalance imo.


The problem is not because they kill me with hatchet, problem is because they use it only as defensive tool. Berserk to heal and break my CC and Defy Death to have 2nd life in pvp. Old rapier was less broken than this


No, it wasn’t.

Or they would have used it before. Some people “did” use hatchet for this, but they took away the rapier, and people went to the other obvious choice. If you remove defy death, they will migrate to the next mechanic and people will call for nerfs there too.

It’s a neverending cycle, people migrate to the path of least resistance, and other people come in here asking for it to be nerfed. Then they nerf it, then people move on to the next path. It keeps repeating, and the same people wind up right back in here month after month. lol.

It’s the circle of life.


Hatchet is used as a massive crutch, it would be hilarious if they nerfed DD.

Lmao dude small scale pvp is way more skillful as its less about spamming aoe abilities, and because of that hatchet really stands out as broken because its so easy to use, makes you immune to cc, and gives you a second life. Ive been saying this for MONTHS and this update its even worse because hatchet hits super fast + slows light armor players just as much as a great axe or other low hit speed weapons.

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Nerf blunderbuss too while at it


Sns is busted because spamming left click makes it so a person in light armor cant get away at all without using a mobility ability. 3rd attack in chain inflicts 20% slow, crit gives haste + melee attacks slow and reduce dodge distance. And also the 4 second stuns that have no counterplay

Imagine having issues dealing with hatchet.


Cough “freedom” Cough

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