Hatchet throwing nerfs latest PTR Patch

Bow would still have more range, damage, and consistency than throwing hatchets. Really, next patch, it’s going to be MagePR, since you won’t have your skitzos to save you.


unnecessary changes. why did they feel the need to nerf the throwing tree? it didn’t appear to be overpowered.

Awe gg lol, they sure know how to ruin a weapon dont they

Engineers -_- Remember when they Nerfed Divine Embrace back when nobody was using it cuz it was so bad compared to LE? Lack of testing…

i m going fs/vg next patch

People who like the hatchet clearly can’t have nice things. Maybe it needed toned down, but pairing this with the tiger instinct change is just aggravating.

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Yup. Seriously can’t wait for the complaining about mages.

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