Hate for this game

I don’t understand the hate for this game, maybe I’m not posting in the correct area for this. Personally, I’m not a huge mmo kinda player, I grew up with civ,final fantasy, and fallout(until fallout 76, still a giant Fu to ruining one of the best games I’ve spent 20+years playing, I still have the original demo disc from a computer magazine for fallout, God I love that game/concept) new world is a game that(for me) encapsulates The concept of being in a foreign place and having to build your own version of reality(gathering, crafting and definitely hoarding a bit) I still have not sold a single blue crafting material(I might need it later) I don’t know why everyone plays new world buy for me it’s a giant leap from wow to come to a game where crafting can mean something to any level and me being a scavenger type from fallout(if you played the older games, generally you hoarded and didn’t waste certain things) this game for me gives a concept that gathering, crafting and violence can all work together. The best way way for me to describe my enjoyment of this game is the fact that I can play in a way that is fun for me and I can help my friends/teammates. Expeditions are way more fun than most wow dungeons I n the fact that everyone has to put effort in to make it work best. Imo, most people complaining hardcore of this game is preference of gameplay style, they can’t just time their attacks with cooldowns and spend real world money to make the game easier for themselves so the feel better. I love this game and have used at least most of the weapons to 10 mastery. Even the gathering and crafting isn’t too bad(yes it takes forever) but it’s the only only mmo that makes all Craft ng skills worthwhile, in wow it wasn’t worth making gear until high lvls, in new world I’m making gear and gathering tools and bags that have value well belowax lvl and skill lvl. I am excited to make a layered leather bag cuz it takes money and effort, whereas in wow, no one cared until it’s the highest tier, which could take weeks/months to get there. In new world all crafting has value(exponential when hitting 60, from what I can tell) imo, most people who “hate” this game just were expecting a different mmo, sorry. I enjoyed wow and ffiv but new world gave me the closest feeling to fallout games(and implied scavenger/explorer lifestyle) that I’ve always wanted in a game.


Im sure a lot of folks feel this way. I do.

Most folks just dont post it because it just brings out the haters.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” - John Stuart Mill (sorta)

More people should post that agree with this.


Another gathering hoarder here :wave:

I agree with both of you. This game has captured something magical for me that no other MMO has come close to for a long time, and for me that’s worth sitting through all the jank in the world.

And I think you’re right @Penfold, there are a ton of people that love this game. Usually they’re just too busy enjoying themselves to post anything, which means that all we see is a lot of negativity and complaining. It’s quite unfortunate :confused:

Just remember that there’s a lot of us out here :slight_smile: I wouldn’t worry too much about it.

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