Hated the PTR gear stats change? ENTER HERE! [+Suggestion]

As I was reading the forum and reddit I came to the conclusion that the main issue regarding this stats change is, mainly, because people are upset to change all their BiS/Items that worked so hard to earn.

SO, if there was a way to change the stats from a gear to a desired one (which should require a new rare item, and cost a lot of gold/currency to do it) would you guys still be against it? Because to be honest, I really feel this is a good addition to the game. The goal here is to think how can we do it and don’t harm 95% of the player base.

Thoughts? Words?

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I don’t like that the changes only favour certain builds which are already strong like spear+hatchet (the build that wins most duels/duel tournaments) or musket/rapier (which is nasty af in the right hands in arenas and open world pvp atm) or any sword and shield 1shot combo like ss+hatchet. Meanwhile pure weapons like GA, Hammer, FS, IG don’t profit at all. Where’s the balance here?

If they wanna go through with these changes, they should give every weapon a second stat.


I don’t want any of these new stats changes, I want content or bug fixes (real fixes).

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Also make the difference in stats be just enough to hit 2nd stat upgrade, Or even introduce 350 perks.

so make it so dual stat gear only gives 1-2 extra points but can push into another stat bonus. So basically buff all gear so it comes 10-20 stats shy of hitting another perk and make split stat gear just a small bonus to hit that.

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People who complain because of BIS or treshold problems are kiddos and should go play something else. The big problem with this change is that is gives a huge advantage to dual scaling weapons for no reason, and therefore for it to be realistic they would have to make all weapons dual scaling. This can not happen without all weapons being dual scaling.

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