Have not upgraded my character in any way in months

I have been at 2 useful perks for every piece of my pvp gear for the last 2 months. I have a ton of gold and I’d be happy to spend it on something that’s actually an upgrade. But I’ve been scouring the trading post multiple times a day for weeks and weeks and I’ve not seen something that could be considered an upgrade.

I started to think maybe this is a server issue where we have a population that’s not getting enough legendary drops or something. So I decided to use my alt accounts to make alt characters on other servers, and did so on every server in US east.

I’m fire staff in pvp, and there are zero keen vicious + proc fire staffs for sale in US east, zero pieces of armor with resilient+empowering fireball+useful 3rd perk, zero pieces of resilient+accelerating flamethrower+useful 3rd perk, zero rings with keen awareness+hearty+useful 3rd, zero amulets with heath+stamina recovery+useful 3rd.

Nothing, there’s literally no upgrades, anywhere, in the entire region. And the only people that I know with any 3 perk crafted or world drop gear are players who have access to company treasuries that control a major territory and can bid multiple gold caps on the impossibly rare 3 perk pieces that pop up in trade chat maybe once every 2 weeks. Or people who buy gold.

I’ve crafted millions of gold worth of fire staffs and I’ve never seen something better than firevine from genesis.

I know ultra end game gear should be difficult to obtain. But upgrading any part of my character feels like a distant memory, and seems to be reserved for the obscenely lucky.

I know maybe some people will disagree with what I’m saying, I’m just trying to report my experience here I guess. And even for someone like me who really loves the game, I’m starting to get bored here.

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Although I‘ve been playing the game since launch and sit on (close to) goldcap pretty much at all times, I‘m in the same boat as you: Really good pieces in every slot and the only upgrade would be an absolute Best-in-Slot item.

Yet, I refuse to spend all my gold on gambling with the current crafting system as the chance of getting any item that I‘d consider to be an actual upgrade is ridiculously small. Crafting definitely needs to be looked at and in relation to that companies that control the main territories are way, waaaaay too wealthy.

The game simply shouldn‘t be balanced around companies that earn 2+ million a week.

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