Have the time-gated crafts reset with the day pleaseeee

Tracking different time-gated cooldowns is unnecessarily hard.

I can only play around evening, which is after work and dinner, so I have a schedule for crafting. It takes me a couple of minutes to find t5 stations, craft, and put it up on the trade post. With how the cooldowns work, not only I have to track so many different cooldowns, my schedule is constantly moving out of place because as I have said, I need a couple of minutes to find crafting stations.

So pleaseeee, can we have it reset with the day instead? I mean we’re already doing that with daily bonus exp boost.


Genuinely surprised they haven’t done this system because as you have said it does result in a slow shift forwards until you inevitably have to skip a day. Central reset just makes a lot more sense than local

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Yeah, especially when you have multiple cooldowns because not all towns have t5 everything…

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Same for chests while they’re at it, everything should reset daily not after 24 hours.


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