Have to be allowed to choose starting area

The fact you can’t choose your starting area is completely ridiculous.


I flagged this in the closed beta…
and then I flagged this again in the open beta…

I don’t think AGS actually pay attention to what’s posted on these forums, since everyone also flagged server capacity and queues as problems too.

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You can. Just turn in the first quest, but don’t accept the new one and run to your desired starting zone. Once there accept new quest.

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…that’s not choosing your starting location.
That’s starting… and then running to where you want to be as a level 1-3 that can be ganked hard by level 6-25 mobs…

did it today without any problem. Spawned in Monachs Bluff and ran to Windsworth. If I can do it you should be able to do it

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Except it is.

That’s not the same spending 30 minutes to run to a new area is no substitute for something that should be a basic option

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It makes absolutely no sense to randomly select a start selection then to “simply” allow players to walk through the entire start location, all the way to another start location, simply to play with friends…

They could just as easily spawn you at a random location, then allow you to open the map and fast travel to another zone if you want to select the zone yourself.

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