Have Tooltips Make Sense

My suggestion is to have tooltips on potions and useable items (and heck, everything in general) make sense. Don’t use percentages or decimals in some strange math calculation we need to break out the abacuses for.

Case in point, the Weak Honing Stone

It says in the tooltip that it 'Increases weapon damage by 200% for 0.03 minutes"

How long is 0.03 minutes? I don’t see that on the clock. I have to bring out a calculator and in my rusty math I learned 40 years ago, come out with 1.8

So why can’t you just say it ‘increases weapon damage by 200% for 1.8 minutes’ Or round it up to 2 minutes?

Make things easier for your players so they can enjoy things.


I think you mean 1.8 seconds, not minutes.

I actually think this is a case of the recipe tooltip just being wrong. The other honing stones are +5%/6%/7% damage for 15/20/30 minutes.

And nwdb.info has the weak stone listed as +4% damage for 10 minutes which makes a lot more sense than what is shown.

Seconds. Okay that makes more sense. I am bad at math … see what I mean?

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Whelp been a bit, and I think I’m going to make a bug report on this.

I made myself a Common Honing Stone. Says it does 300% damage for 0.05 minutes. This equates to … 15 minutes. Made a screenshot to show you all. The item in my 5th hotkey is the Common Honing Stone. I also hovered over the buff to show which it is and the timer.

@Luxendra @Kay can you look into this please?

I know I’ve reported this internally but I’ll make sure it’s on my list!

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I believe the honing stone one is already fixed on the PTR

Also, to tooltip makes sense:

PLEASE either change the (misleading) +% chance getting rare materials at nearly every item to the 10.000 (?) point system,
OR all to the 10.000 (?) point system as the buff foods have. For better clarification ahm not, for better comparability a least.


There’s a bunch of tooltips that need better descriptions too. If you look at the town upgrades, what exactly does warhorn buffs provide, over what duration? What’s the difference between t1-t3? What’s “defense recovery” as a lifestyle buff mean? We shouldn’t have to guess when it comes to these things.

The ruinous perk on weapons I tested during an invasion and it didn’t seem to increase damage to NPCs or their siege while I was on a repeater. Without proper tooltips I can’t even tell if this is bugged or not, maybe the devs only meant the damage your weapon attacks do to siege in the field during a war, who knows?


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