Have you ever seen / gathered this item? "Petrified Wood"

Hello there,

I am trying to find this item for hours, literally hours.

I even leveled up my lumberjack skill and I’m like +60 but still couldn’t find. I did cut mature & young trees maybe over +1000. But still no result.

I asked to help channel, in game channel and everywhere and no response. I doubt, If this Item ever exists.

Can you please answer and If you know how? Please. Thank you.



Seems like most other things - A rare drop as it says. It’s probably tuned to be considered a ‘super rare’ drop instead of something like a 1 in every 50 swings sort of drop.

there is a perk you can get on iron tools that gives you a % chance increase to gather rare materials from nodes, i also recommend making the corresponding food item that increases the gathering luck by 1000 for what ever you are trying to gather, for example roast potatoes affects mining, after eating them i found that i started getting fae iron semi regularly from iron nodes. sorry its a bit long winded i hope this helps.


I chopped wood for a couple hours tonight looking for it and never even found one.

I didn’t know anything about the food, thank you! Tomorrow will be loads of fun.

Thank you so much for your reply, since your message I am trying with the enhanced tools but still no result. I even have +%3.5 rare item drop perk on my axe.

I still doubt.

Assuming the drop rates are the same from the alpha, chopping mature trees for hours would net you one or two. It is extremely rare.

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I believe this item is bugged, here are the details on my attempt at getting this item;

First my Logging is lvl 60, I then used a ‘boiled cabbage’ which raised Luck when logging by 1400 points for 25 minutes. On top of that my Steel Logging Axe has a perk for 5% Luck when logging and 254% gather speed.

I spend the entire 25mins with the buff absolutely clear cutting the forests of both Young/Mature Trees around town. The only green rare tree drop got was 2x ‘Softwood tree sap’ and that only came from young trees. Once I noticed this about half way through the buff, I resorted to only cutting mature trees. My buff ended and I continued cutting until my 300lb inventory was completely full. Not a single rare drop from Mature trees.

I think so, also I have +%3.5 rare item drop perk on my axe and I’ve been cutting trees for literally 8 hours.

Sadly the way this works is there seems to be 2 tiers of rare items. The soft sap is the green tier I for the young trees or trees from 1-50. You generally start seeing these at lumber level 40+.

So as for the petrified wood this is a tier II green item as denoted by the “II”. This would be the green item from the 50-100 level stuff. It does drop from both young and mature trees but also you won’t see it drop UNTIL you are within 10ish levels of the next tier aka lumber level 90.

Once you are 90+ you will see these start showing up. Until then don’t count on it. Not sure if it’s a bug or I was already above 90 in alpha but I do know you get them at some point. I also spent a good bit of time leveling lumber to try and get these and none so far with both lumber food and gathering potion at level 67.

Just food for thought to keep you from going crazy.


Good info thanks! Is there somewhere this formula was explained in the game? I assume works similar for Mining/Gathering etc. For as much great info the item tooltips provide it would be great to know when there are skill/lvl requirements to even have the possibility for a drop.

Nope it’s literally from my person experience that in wood, mining, and skinning all the first tier green items didn’t show until I had that skill above 40.

Correction it’s not 40 flat but within about 10-20% of the next tier so with skinning it was sooner as their tiers are crushed into 25? or 35? I think so I already have started to get the tier II on that one at skill level 50-60?

Same with gathering

I still doubt If It’s ever existed in this phase.
Because, my logging skill is 85 rn and I got steel logging axe with rare item drop perk. I keep chopping woods, but nothing. Neither any players seen that item in game.

omg its alpha 2 all over again!!

no really at least they have ironwood trees in game now!! you can use the luck food but really doesnt make too much of a dif. crank up your gathering lvl to chop down some iron wood and gl!


From the past…
Just so you are prepared :slight_smile:
My Skill 67-93, Luck 14-21%,
Total wood gathered 8000+ Green, 3400+ Aged
1 Petrified Wood
2 ********** Wood (the blue version)

It will always be rare but it will get better once your skill goes over 100 and/or starting gathering from higher trees

I can report back that I have gotten to logging skill level 93 and gathered over 16,000 logs according to the achievement tab and not 1 single petrified wood has dropped.

It’s crazy that you need 4 of these to make a item that gets outdated in 3 levels with steel.

Anyone know where to find dill?

Never seen one. I have to have atleast 2k+ hours in this game.