Haven’t played in two days, couldn’t get enough of the game before my entire kit was broken by an update

I have spent 300 hours playing new world, mainly using fire staff and ice gauntlet. After leaving Halloween weekend to enjoy the holiday with some friends, I come back to an unplayable build, with no other gear sets to rely on and no way to fix it with the auction house. I’m thinking about simply moving on to a different game, who knows when the ice gauntlet and fire staff abilities are going to be fixed. It could be tomorrow, or it could be in three weeks.

Bye, be sure to write and let us know how you are doing from time to time.

you should try rapier+gem and the gaunlet or staff with it. unless you mean for pvp, then gtfo^^

no really i’m a musket guy, not even doing pvp anymore, am just dead weight atm

I believe rapier abilities work, but I can’t go about buying a gem or obtaining a rapier with decent gear score and a gem slot without getting lucky with a drop. That’s if I could get a gem.

Can I have your stuff?


Can’t trade cause the game is broke :rofl:

on my server T4 rubys are 30 coin, and when the servers are back up you can buy one again. and you can just take a cheap not so good rapier for now and wait for a good one, like ai said the gems are cheap

I was getting consistent fire staff usage today. The Ice Gauntlet is still kinda borked atm.

Yeah, that could work. Hopefully a rapier will get me through the quests, I’m a glass canon though with 300 intelligence and 50 con. I wear light armor too.

You do know even with the kit bugged it still the highest dps and biggest zoning and control weapons in the game. Wait until resil perk gets fixed and everyone is getting 3 shot by mages. Then the true crying will start.

same here, really good damge though, riposte can save you from alot of hits, so you might want to pick that up

ye…and mages will cry about muskets…höhö

(hopefully) i mean musket is very weak atm

Musket will be in a better state forsure but will not come close to the CC and AoE mages have for wars.

as a fellow musket user…here take a shot of this rum while we watch others enjoy pvp with their builds of choice. oh and make sure to strike your pirate pose

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Once the obvious bugs are smoothed out, which may take some time, there will be a meta. That means that at some point your firestaff and ice gauntlet will not be the meta. If you’ve played games like League of Legends, Smite, Apex, DOTA, or even competitive CoD, you’re already aware of how big of an impact the meta can have on your effectiveness as a player.

So if your favorite weapons not being good enough to hold your own with is a make-or-break deal for you, then you probably should leave this game and find a better one for you. If you aren’t afraid of grinding out new gear in shattered or the end-game dungeons, then I hope we find ourselves in an invasion together.

They already have plenty of new weapons lined up, so being multi-faceted in your skill set is going to be really important in a few months time.



At least you are mature enough to leave the game and say your piece. Most people here tend to cry and complain like a child having a temper tantrum.

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here you take some rum too while we wait for the blunderbus

Are you aware that you can craft a wooden sword at the camp, then go kill lev 2 enemies at the starting zone until some metal weapon drops and then work your way up from there?

Or if you cant play without the auction house then dont and take a break until these are enabled again. Should be in a hour or two. So I dont get why to make this post during the downtime to re-enable the auction house?

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appreciated, spiced please.